Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FIxed the Glitches

Apparently the layout changes I made disabled my comments. I figured it out though and changed the comment format so you can comment on my posts now.

I just took the Real Age test on Dr. Oz's website. It pretty much covers the gamut of things that affect how you age. Based on all of these questions it calculates what your "real age" is, or how your body is aging because of your lifestyle rather than your calendar age. I'm 2.7 years older, which isn't bad. However, I have a feeling that this number increases exponentially as you get older. Which is why I think I need to work on being younger on my real age test than my calendar age.

Here were some of the suggestions it gave me:

  • Cut down on red meat - it's a high source of cholesterol. Limit to one serving per week.
  • Eat breakfast every day. (I've been slacking in this department)
  • Eat more fish throughout the week.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables. 
  • Increase my exercise time. More cardio, more resistance, and more stretching.
  • Lower my bmi. 
  • Watch my blood pressure and find out my cholesterol rating.
  • Drive a bigger car. Slow down while I'm doing it. And don't use my phone. 
  • Floss more.
I think these are fair suggestions. I like that for some of the options it gives me tools for creating a plan to get my health on track. Like it has a quiz to assess my eating habits further and a tool to make a diet plan and a tool to make an exercise plan.Pretty cool site! Check it out!



  1. Did you know that talking and texting on your phone while driving is actually illegal now as of January 1st? I think it can get you a $250 ticket just like that. Crazy. I think it's a good idea I guess. I just thought it was strange that I heard nothing about this new law until like December 31st. I guess no more texting while driving for me :)

  2. Yeah I'd heard that. I need to invest in a bluetooth device.

  3. one thing that I've found really helps me with my healthy eating is to have frozen fruit around. I buy an absurd amount of frozen raspberries and munch on them when I get hungry. Yummy!