Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today marks the day that I finally finished the stupid week 1 day 1 of Couch to 5k!
Now I just have to do it two more times to move on to the next week. At this rate, I'll be running the 5k from start to finish in about 3 years. Okay, maybe not that long.
I may be a tad bitter because of how bad my calves hurt right now. I really pushed myself to finish in spite of the pain.

There are some silver lining things about todays run however.

I figured out in my second to last run that if I use my thunder thighs more to pump my legs, my calves don't hurt as bad. I don't know how I never realized this before. Thunder thighs thunder for a reason!

I think my shoes just need to be broken in a bit. They hurt my feet much less today than last time. This is only my second run with them, but I think in one or two more runs, they'll feel great and won't give me any foot pain at all.

I ventured out of my little parking lot stretch and took to the sidewalks for the bulk of my run today and I think that helped me not to want to run into my front door rather than finish. So I will be venturing out when I run from now on.

I FINISHED! I did the entire run. From start to end. My lungs burned, my calves felt like they were in a vice, my arches ached, I was dying of thirst, and I thought my legs would give out from under me (this has never happened in spite of all the times I thought it would) and I nearly stopped. But as I was nearing the path to my front door I thought to myself "self, not this time. this is how it's been. but it doesn't have to keep being that way. you can finish." And I finished. I even sprinted the last run and I thought I was going to have an asthma attack (I hate to think how that would actually feel!) but I didn't. I hurt. I was tired. But I made it. And boy was it good to hear Robert Ullray's voice at the end saying that I'd finished! I nearly cried. Right there in the parking log. And then Lance Armstrong told me I did good too.

My twitter stream on the right should upload the details of my run.

I may feel a bit bitter sweet about this accomplishment, but for today, sushi at Mio sushi and Avatar. It's time to celebrate!

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  1. Great job! Try not to be discouraged if you have to do a run more than once! I took at least 12 weeks to finish the c25k the first time!

    It's not a race, its for your fitness! Sometimes it takes time :)