Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Back to Business

It's been awhile since I've posted. So here's the update. I've been yo-yo-ing with my weight lately. I made a pact with my weight watchers leader last week to track and have her go over my tracker. It was really really hard to make myself write everything down, but I did it and lost 2.8 pounds. Problem is that I haven't really stuck with it this week and I know the scale is going to be merciless this friday. But that's what next week is for.

I finally got onto the sub list for Portland and have been working on and off for about a week now. It's nice knowing that I am actually earning some money! I'll be able to buy fruits and vegetables again. Right now we're kind of having to live on what's hamburgers and hot-dogs and fast food. Not super for diets I must say.

I've been pretty good with walking, but not as much as I should. Amber and I did the 2 mile track at Nike last week, and we've been trying to do it twice a week, but I keep having stuff come up and it's been difficult to make it work. It's nice at least to have the treadmills at our complex to walk on with it being rainy though. I really do need to make it more of a priority though. I should go right now! But I'm not going to because I need to sew myself a pair of bloomers for my halloween costume. I hate sewing. Boo! I will probably ignore my bloomers and start knitting on a scarf pattern I found that I really want to make instead!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Momentum Bump

I'm watching the new episode of say yes to the dress and there's a girl on that has lost 120 pounds. The first thing I looked at was her arms. They were thin! I have hope. I hate my arms. Besides my belly, I think I am most self conscious about my arms. I won't elaborate, everyone will stop reading.

At any rate, her huge amount of weight loss made me think about the lap band. I watched The View this morning and a football player had lost a bunch of weight with the lap band. They had a doctor on the show with one and she showed how it worked. So I decided to look up how fat you have to be to qualify to have it and how much it costs. I found out that you have to have a bmi of 40 or more to get it, and that I have a bmi of 30.9. This is actually great news. When I did a fitness test a few years ago at 24 hour fitness they said my bmi was something like 39. I'm kind of excited about the improvement. Although, I am kind of sad that I can't do something that significant. Sometimes I try to imagine what it would feel like not to have so much body. I try to think of how my face would look, how clothes would fit, how easy it would be to run. I can imagine what it's like, but having never really experienced it, I have a hard time accepting that it could ever be reality.

This brings me to my next subject. The weekend off of tracking turned into a whole week off of tracking. Bad choice. While I didn't do terrible in my choices and portions this week, I probably ate far more than I should have in points. Today was the worst. I went to Burger King to use a coupon that was going to expire. We ate our Whoppers and then about an hour later we decided we were both still hungry. Instead of pulling out the salad mix from the fridge, we decide to eat an entire pepperoni pizza between the two of us. I ate 4 slices. 4!!!!! Paul only ate 3!!! And he eats too much on a consistent basis!!!!! I feel like I'm going to weight watchers hell. Even the 20 minute mile I walked today doesn't feel like compensation. I have no excuse for eating that much. And you'd think I'd feel gross and full as punishment. But I was still hungry! I seriously do not understand what is going on with me!

I think I need therapy or something. I found a quiz on webmd to see if you should consider weight loss surgery. They said that not only am I too thin, but I know too much about nutrition to need it. So why, when I know so much about nutrition, do I always seem to sabotage myself? I get going and I do well and then I eat half a pizza. I even know that the reason I was so hungry after eating such horrible food is that I had no fiber today and that my stomach wasn't sending the hormone signals to my brain telling me I'm satisfied. Fiber is a miracle. 

It's like I'm afraid of the happiness I might feel if I take care of myself well enough to be the person I imagine I could be. The quiz suggested that I do lower impact exercise on a consistent basis. Like walking every day. I could do better with that. Especially when I have so much free time. I'm knitting 3 projects at the same time right now. This is all I do with my day. No wonder I'm fat. I need to get a life! Maybe I should knit on the treadmill! I hate being in this cycle. I wish I could just hit a restart button and have the fat melt off of me. Wouldn't that be a billion dollar discovery! Then at least I could go on a frickin honeymoon with all the time I have.

Please don't offer me suggestions about things I can do. I'm tired of hearing them. I know better. I'm just a whiny bitch sometimes.

Tomorrow, I track. My new goal: do well enough not to have these emo woe is me posts anymore.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Fail

I decided that I was going to allow myself a weekend. I've been doing really well for awhile on watching my points and I fear that if I'm too rigid that I will lose my steam and stop altogether. So I took this weekend off. I had some pretty unhealthy food, but I also didn't go completely crazy.
Friday I had a salmon sandwich and beer battered fries. You can't go to the Raccoon Lodge and not get the beer battered fries. They're completely amazing. Then yesterday I went to Roake's and had a deep fried coney hot dog and fries with my family. Today Paul wanted pizza buffet and I didn't have the heart to veto him because he didn't get a day off of work this week. I hit the salad first at least so I didn't eat as much pizza. Overall I don't think I did as bad as I could of. But it probably wasn't within my weekly points allowance. At least I have four more days to make up for the weekend of mayhem!

I went walking two miles around the nike campus with Amber today. That was awesome. I'm looking forward to that being a weekly ritual. We're going to try to do it once during the week too. I wish we could go every morning, but I know as soon as I start subbing it's going to be really difficult to work it in with her schedule. At least Sundays are promising!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Down 2.8 this week. Hooah!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I feel like a grown up!

Today Paul got paid. So when I got up this morning, I showered and got dressed and then came out to the desk to pay the rest of the bills. I put some money in savings for the next round of bills and for the ridiculous amount of car work that we need to get taken care of, and then I figured out how much we could afford to go grocery shopping. Then we went to costco. Samples are the devil because you  justify it being just a couple bites and then you have no idea what you're actually eating. I had a chunk of apple strudel that had all the criscoey deliciousness of the typical costco pastry. Then I had a chip with guacamole on it, and they had the most amazing salmon bites you've ever tasted. I had to try very hard not to buy them. They were not WW friendly by any stretch but they were sooo good. After shopping we bypassed the costco dogs for some happy hour sushi and made our way to cash and carry where we were delighted to find that soups were on sale!

If I haven't raved about these soups yet, I am now! They're the bags of soups that restaurants buy to serve large amounts of. One bag feeds about 10 people. For us we make it and then eat it for a few meals and Paul takes it for lunches. They are super low in calories (if you buy the right ones that aren't cream based) and really really good. They're made by a company in Lake Oswego so they're local too. We had some at my moms and now we have four bags in our freezer haha! Highly recommend the beef barly vegetable. The veggies still have some crunch to them, the soup base needed a bit more water than the bag said to dilute it, but had amazing good flavor and there are chunks of steak. Like, sink your teeth into a hunk of meat steak. About 2 points for a cup. So I can have two bowls of soup for about 6 points. Hell yeah!

We also got canning jars so I could put all of my bob's red mill bags into jars. I cut and taped the labels from the bags onto the jars. Now they won't spill everywhere when I try to pour them out and they'll keep a bit longer I imagine. Plus, they're pretty in jars. Especially the 5 bean soup beans.

So far a good day. And, even though I ate some very unhealthy chunks of food, I still managed to do good for lunch. I'll have to wait to see how weigh in goes. Hopefully this week will be a success!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I managed to survive the weekend without having to scratch any of my days from my point tracker. Woo! I did manage to eat about 25 of my extra weekly 35 points on Saturday though. And I didn't go out. And nobody came over. Basically, I hosted a girls night from some friends from my cohort last Wednesday and they all bailed on me. They were going to make it up to me by coming Saturday, but then they bailed again. Leaving me with a ton of prepared food. So I ate myself sick with upset. Fortunately it was baked sweet potatoes, hummus and carrot chips and little smokies. I hadn't even gotten to the kale salad I was going to make, or the baked jalapeno poppers. Who needs friends right?

Last night I went to bartini with the choir folk. That place is a weight watchers death trap. There's no way to know how many points are in your drinks and the food sounds healthy, but probably is not as great as you wish it is. I managed to get through with just one martini (pepper infused vodka with mango puree - yum!) and some hummus with cucumber chunks. I think I did pretty well, but I wonder how that hummus managed to be so creamy.

My weigh-in last week wasn't what I'd hoped for. I've gained another pound an a half. But at least I know why based on my point tracker from last week, and the fact that I had drank half an orange julius (we're trying to go through our entertainment book coupons before they expire) and was wearing heavier corduroy pants. This week will be better. One of these weeks I'm going to show up to weigh in wearing a bathing suit haha! I also have plans to wear this beautiful ball gown that Paul bought me that has never fit. The second I can get that zipper up, I'm wearing it everywhere I go!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lifelong Wisdom from Dr. Oz

I've read two of Dr. Oz's books now (he co-wrote them with another Dr. but Dr Oz is more famous). Anyway, I'm a very cause/effect logical scientific sort of person and I like to understand how things work to make them function better. Just ask me about the anatomy of singing sometime. Well, don't if you don't want to hear all about how to breathe properly and resonate in your pharynx. I only charge $20 every half an hour for this information! haha! At any rate, Dr. Oz's books have been the most helpful in understanding how your body processes and relates to food. So I wanted to share this with people because it's logical and it's for the long term and it's not about weight, it's about health. And that's what's really important. If it was healthy to be obese, than more people would embrace it right? But it's not and that's why I like how he approaches lifestyle.

Enough of my jabbering. Here's the link to the Full Article.

And here's the copy/paste of it. It's kind of long. But I end up saying half this stuff on here all the time, so this summarizes it and you only have to read it once. And you should. You know you should!

Forget the fad diets. Stop counting carbs. Dr. Mehmet Oz has teamed up with Dr. Michael Roizen to develop a diet plan that they say really works.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen have already helped millions live longer, look younger and become smarter patients. Now, they want to teach you how to lose weight and waist once and for all. The goal is to shrink your waist down to the ideal size—32 and a half inches for women and 35 inches for men—and make eating so easy, you never realize you're dieting!

In the book YOU: On a Diet, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain why the body stores blubber and how cutting just 100 calories a day can help you lose a pound per month!

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen studied people who lost weight and kept it off. They noticed that dieters who cut 400 calories a day ended up yo-yo dieting and regaining weight. Fasting shuts down your metabolism, Dr. Oz says, so when you bow to temptation and devour a candy bar, most of the calories are quickly deposited as fat.

Cutting 100 calories a day—the equivalent of a Granny Smith apple—is a dieting strategy that most people can sustain for a lifetime, he says.

The first step to getting on the path to better eating is to take stock of your pantry! Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen say there are five ingredients that should be banned from your diet forever.

The first ingredient to avoid is hydrogenated oil, which often masquerades as partially hydrogenated oil. Dr. Roizen says we should also eliminate sugar and high fructose corn syrup from our foods. "We eat 63 pounds of [high fructose corn syrup] a year, which puts 33 pounds on the typical American," he says.

Enriched flour is the fourth ingredient to avoid. "[Enriched] means they took all the good stuff out and put a little back," Dr. Roizen says. In 1960, Americans didn't use enriched flour, but today we consume 63 pounds a year, he says.

The fifth offenders are white foods—including bleached flour. The only white items you should have in your fridge are egg whites, cauliflower and fish, Dr. Roizen says.

Your favorite snack foods won't advertise their artificial ingredients—Oprah's medical experts say you have to read the small print for yourself!

After you've read the ingredients on the label, check out how much saturated fat and sugar is in your food. Dr. Roizen says you want to buy foods that contain less than four grams of saturated fat and less than four grams of sugar per serving.

Keep in mind—polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good for you and help fight depression.

Can't seem to find any food that fits the bill? Dr. Oz says you should head over to the produce aisle and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Packaged goods usually contain harmful, artificial ingredients because they're designed to stay on the shelf for years, he says.

The supermarket shelves are filled with foods that seem healthy…but don't be fooled. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen say that 50 percent of the sugar we eat comes from "fat free" foods like salad dressings and soft drinks. In fact, young women get about half their daily calories from salad dressing! Dr. Oz says to substitute olive oil and vinegar for a healthier alternative.

It's 3 p.m. and you're craving something sweet…and something salty. Before you put your quarters into the closest vending machine, consider some healthy alternatives to potato chips and candy bars.

When Dr. Oz wants to crush a craving, he relies on his emergency snacks, which he carries everywhere! "Emergency foods you want tend to be foods that are a little crunchy with some sweetness to them," he says.

Apples, carrots and nuts are great snacks to consider. A glass of vegetable juice also takes the edge off, he says. One snack you may not have thought of are breath strips! "I like [breath strips] because, a lot of times, we have a craving center in our brain that says put something in me," he says. "It doesn't tell you what."

Dr. Oz says a glass of water, a good night's sleep or sex might also satisfy your craving center.

Another way to fight fat is to spice it up! Adding red pepper flakes or cinnamon to your food can reduce your appetite. Starting with a smaller plate also helps you eat 33 percent less, Dr. Oz says.

Breakfast is also a key component to Dr. Oz's diet plan. "People who eat breakfast every day are thinner," he says. "Jump start your metabolism with breakfast—don't miss it!"

Dr. Roizen says people should try to automate their breakfast and lunch. "Why we get so fat is we have so many choices…we want one of everything," he says.

For breakfast, Dr. Roizen says you should have the same thing or the same small variety of things every day. Steel-cut oatmeal, whole grain cereals and egg-white omelets are great options. Then, do the same thing at lunch. Find a lunch that's satisfying and stick with it. Then, come dinner time, you can enjoy a variety of options!

When soggy cereal and steel-cut oatmeal loses its appeal, whip up one of Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen's favorite breakfast treats!

The Quick Magical Breakfast Blaster
2 servings, 136 calories per serving

1 scoop (1/3 cup) Soy protein (like Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein)
1/2 tablespoon flaxseed oil
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 large ripe banana (or other fruits of your choice)
1/2 tablespoon apple juice concentrate or honey
1 teaspoon Psyillium seed husks

Peel banana; break into chunks. Put all ingredients in a blender. Add 12 ounces of water and ice, as well as powdered vitamins. Cover, blend until fairly smooth.

You don't need balls, mats and elastic bands to get a great workout. Dr. Oz says there are only four exercises that you'll ever need to know—and none require fancy machinery!

First, Dr. Oz suggests that people walk for at least 30 minutes each and every day. "Walking is the foundation for all other exercises because it increases your stamina and prepares your body for strength training," he says. You should strive to walk 10,000 steps a day.

The second step is to build muscle by lifting weights for 30 minutes a week. You can lift a dumbbell, a gallon of milk or your toddler…just start lifting!

Now that you're on the right track, Dr. Oz says you have to work up a sweat for about an hour a week. "The number one predictor of how long you're going to live is how well you can exercise your heart," he says. "If you can push yourself to sweat for an hour a week, that's great. You can break it down into three little segments of 20 minutes each."

Finally, you have to stretch so that you don't get hurt. Dr. Oz likes to do yoga, but he says you can get the same benefits from stretches you learned in high school gym class.

There's one secret fat-burner that you can do anywhere—fidgeting! Most of the one million calories you consume every year are burned without you ever thinking about it. Only 15 to 30 percent of calories are burned through intentional physical activity, so minor additions like being fidgety helps keep off the pounds!

WW Relief

The thing I really love about weight watchers is that it lets you make mistakes. Not only that, it gives you a safety net to rely on in case of emergency. Last night I had a girls night which ended up being just two of us. That was all we needed apparently because I had a fabulous time hanging out with Heather. After my second glass of Sake, I kind of lost my motivation to update my food tracker. I was plenty motivated, however, to walk to the cute little bar across the street where I had beer and jalapeno poppers and french fries.

This brings me back to my relief in what weight watchers allows me to do. I've been pretty good about tracking what I eat each day and I've started getting used to the portions and the sorts of foods that are more conducive to the point system. I got up this morning, made one of my breakfasts that I know what I'm eating, and sat down to assess the damage from my night of debauchery. It's actually not so bad. Weight watchers gives you set amount of daily points and then gives you 35 a week to use at your leisure. I didn't exactly count the mess I made Saturday, so I had a bunch left of my weekly points. So I'm right within my reasonable food limits even with a night like I had. Woo!

It's kind of nice to see that the more you do the program, the easier it is to stay pretty good on it. Even when you are being bad. Up to this point I haven't really done more than a week at a time where I've been tracking everything I eat and staying on program. Tomorrow will be two weeks and I see the difference already in how much better I am at it. I'm almost looking forward to another week!

I also have great hopes for Saturday. We're having a girls night to make up for the lack of multiple girls tonight and I saved all the food I was going to make. This means that I'm in control of what there is to eat all day Saturday! So far I have plans for lowfat baked jalapeno poppers, baked sweet potato wedges, hummus with vegetables to dip and rice crackers, little smokies, and a kale salad that I'm excited to try to make. I am going to do so good Saturday!