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Cure for Shin Splints?

C25K, week 1 day 1
I started out running outside, but it was so windy that I decided to continue on the treadmill in the rec center at my complex. Problem is that for some reason treadmills give me awful shin splints. I got through the first two runs and wasn't even out of breath. And then the splints hit. I stopped and stretched a bit and tried to keep going but it wouldn't stop hurting. So I decided to run back to my front door and call it good. I got through 11 minutes, and went .75 miles according to my iPod. Which isn't bad. I just need to figure out how to keep my legs from hurting so I can finish! Is this an endurance thing? Will it get better the more I run?


  1. I don't know how to prevent shin splints, but I'm anxious to read the answers because I get them all the time. My understanding was that it came from walking on a hard surface or bad shoes (or arch support).

    Also, I don't know if you enjoy this kind of thing....but I gave you an award on my blog today, with a link. I think your blog is very inspirational. You've got me motivated to exercise every day. I do the elliptical every day now for at least 20 minutes and weights. And today I walked for 40 minutes. I've lost 2 lbs. I'm hoping for at least 2 more before I go to Hawaii.

    So anyway, pop over to my blog and see your award. :)

  2. well, I am not sure,but my guess would be that you are not landing on your foot the same way. Think about the heel to toe movement of your foot,when on the treadmill,vs. when you are actually running. I bet you will find you are using different muscles. check it out.

  3. p.s. You are inspiring me too.

  4. *Nods* Pat is right, it's how you land on your foot. If you land more forward on your foot, it puts more stress on the front part of your leg, making shin splints happen more often. Things you can do to prevent this from happening, besides being aware of who you land:
    1. If you are on a treadmill, put it at a .5 or 1.0 incline.
    2. stretch out your legs by going through the alphabet, spelling each letter with your toes.

  5. Ah man! You're totally right you guys! The treadmill kept trying to add a grade to my walking and I kept turning it back to zero. But the one time I left it at 5% it hurt less (although the damage was pretty much done at that point). I will make the adjustments next time I run! Perhaps I can avoid the trouble of exchanging my shoes now!


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