Friday, January 8, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive!

The good news is my lungs are starting to keep up. One whiff on the really old albuterol seems to keep me breathing without pain.

The bad news is that I think I'm allergic to treadmills.
I started out by stretching my calves really well this time because I didn't want to get the shin splints again. They're still a bit sore to be honest. I did that and then I started the C25K on the treadmill.
I adjusted the grade to 7% at first and kind of played with it and found that 6% was pretty good. But once I started to just go, my calves started to hurt. And then my feet started to ache too. I stopped and stretched again to try to alleviate some of the tightness in my calves, but they just got worse. The arches in my feet hurt so bad I thought I would fall off the treadmill.

So I decided to try running outside in the blistering cold windchill. I tried to keep to the podcast program and alternate running and walking. My legs hurt less and my feet stopped hurting once I got outside. But since the damage had already been done so they weren't going to stop hurting altogether. I got a bit further with the workout and did a couple of laps back and forth in the parking lot in front of my building where the ground stays level. I got a bunch further with it, but I couldn't finish. The wind was too cold and my shins started to hurt.

I am so mad that I can't seem to get through this workout!! I really want to conquer it so badly! I was so much more eager to run yesterday but I made myself take the day off. Today I was much less motivated to do it. When I went down to the little gym at my complex all of the machines were occupied so I had to wait to go back. I think this took some of the wind out of my sails. I then bided my time by dealing with my bills. I can't get through my bills without being hysterical and crying with every person I talk to on the phone. I even got some relief from my phone calls and had two late fees reversed, but I was already a mess. This is the state I was in when I started my workout. I was upset and mad and just wanted to nail the thing!

Well, I guess I will have to just keep plugging at this first workout until I can get it. I'm not backing down now!
The downside is that I may have to exchange my awesome pink Nike's for some shoes that support my feet the right way. This wouldn't be so bad except that all of the shoes I've looked at that are for my flat feet tend to look like granny shoes. And I want to at least feel trendy if I'm going to be a chubby girl running around the parking lot!



  1. I know what you mean. I get bad shin splints and bought the granny shoes last year. My hope was that by having the granny shoes I could exercise more and then people wouldn't even notice my feet, they would notice the new improved body! I'm still waiting for that to happen.....

  2. Those shoes are crucial. Since it's your calves, your %grade might be to blame as well... Can you start with no grade and slowly work up?