Friday, January 8, 2010


I decided to take today off from running because the program says I should. And so does Julia. And she's smart so I should listen to her. 
Anyway, I really wanted to run so badly today! I had to wear shoes that I can barely walk in (yay fashion!) so that I wouldn't hurt myself and try to run. My shins feel much better after a good ice packing, but I'm noticing that my left ankle is not as happy as it probably should be. I think I'll ice it tonight. I'm going to attempt to run week 1 day 1 of the program again tomorrow to see if I can get through it. And I will try stretching out really well first. And I will set the treadmill at an incline. 

Hopefully my ankle won't be bothered and hopefully I'll make it through the entire 20 minutes!  


  1. You are up to 20 minutes? That's great! Go Bethany!!!

    BTW, I'm sending a birthday card to Grandpa today. I think the boys are going to make him some pictures or something. Will you wish him a happy birthday from us since his birthday is actually today?

  2. Good for you! Break days are super important and will prevent burnout and start to alleviate those shin splints you feel. Running on hurt legs will be BAD! :)

    I've linked your blog on mine, so hopefully people will stop by. The commenter beneath you, Maureen has a blog similar to ours that I think you would enjoy:

  3. Kristi- sure will. I think a few people are going to have a mini party for him at the center he's at tonght.

    Julia - thanks for the suggestion! I'll link to yours too!