Sunday, January 10, 2010

Successful enough!

Today I ran 21 minutes, 35 seconds, 1.54 miles at a rate of 13'58" per mile.

The weather was nice outside so I ran on in the parking lot. I far prefer this to the treadmill because I have better control of my pace and when I need to stop and stretch. I can't adjust my speed as naturally on a treadmill.
I didn't have shin splints except a little bit in the beginning. But boy do my low calves hurt! I stopped to stretch about 3 times during my workout. My feet hurt really badly too. Todays next goal: EXCHANGE MY SHOES. It needs to happen.
As badly as I really want to have normal feet that can wear normal cute pink shoes, they just aren't going to work for me. I was really hoping to avoid the tedium of going to the mall and returning these.

I still didn't get through the whole thing, and I think that my podcast isn't what I thought it was. I expected it to take 20 minutes, apparently it's longer because I went that long and I still had another run left on it. I guess I need to jump back to the website and review what it is I'm actually trying to do!

Nike+ is great, but it's got some limits that I'd like to figure out. First, I want to post my updates on my blog. It appears I may have to open a twitter account and sync it with this blog to do it. Nike+ only syncs with facebook and twitter. Secondly, I use google chrome as my browser and their website doesn't work. So I have to use two different browsers. I already have to do that to edit my blog anyway since chrome doesn't seem to work with that either. Such is life I guess.

I posted a link for some stretches I like. I went with this site because they are all familiar and simple and you don't need any equipment to do them. They were very helpful today!

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  1. Bethany,
    The Nike+ has a widget that is on facebook for your embed code. I've been trying to find it again, but I know it exists, as I once had it fed to my blog as well. I will continue to look for it, and when I find it, I'll let you know!

    Congrats on that workout, the podcast doesn't include your 5 minute walking warm up as part of the 20, so generally, it runs about 23-25 minutes long :)