Monday, January 25, 2010

Owning My Germanness

Okay relatives, you probably get this better than anyone, so you have to back me up on this!

My grandpa fell down the basement stairs on New Years Day and broke his leg. Fortunately after several weeks in a recovery facility he's healing up and was able to go home this weekend. I subbed in southeast Portland today so I called my mom to see if I could join her in visiting him. She was at their house so I went over. And then the German Food Assault (I'm going to give it an acronym so it's serious! - GFA) happened.

This has been my experience and Oma's from childhood. I walk in the back door, and the first thing I hear is "Hi Hi! You finally came to see me. What would you like to eat?" As a kid I would always run for the fridge and consume everything in sight. Today, I had to practice the weekday vegetarian plan. She won't leave you alone until you eat something of course, so I had to figure out something to eat so that she'd be satisfied. She had some potatoes amidst the hunter sausage, the liverwurst and the ground beef patties she offered so I ate one of those. And then I thought, I may not have many of these experiences left. My grandpas recovering from a broken leg. Their house has all this stuff in it that has never been there before so he can recover. I don't know how much time I have left to eat german sausage in my oma's kitchen. So I ate one of her meat patties and a small slice of sausage. I'm going to claim a small victory in that I left her house not feeling full and I limited myself to one patty. I can be skinny the rest of my life, and this really won't prevent that. Today, I decided to be my oma's granddaughter.