Friday, January 15, 2010

Accidental Vegetarian

I realized today that I've been eating veggie the last two days. I haven't had any meat at all. I had meat Wednesday because of my chicken salad, but other than that, no meat. I think I will finish my chicken salad, but try to continue on this path otherwise. It is so much easier to cook without meat. I want sushi super bad though so I'll make exceptions here and there, but I really feel like my diet has taken a turn for the better this week.

I feel like I owe some of this to my friends Cristy and Stacey. I went to their house after I got done teaching Tuesday and they are such fun and happy spirits. I sat in their kitchen and watched Cristy cook the most amazing spicy veggie broccoli soup while Stacey steamed broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts (grazing and munching on them as they finished cooking). She also made a really delicious looking food processor avocado soup. I feel so inspired by their healthy eating habits that I've been exercising them the last few days. I was so inspired that I even started a new blog called Bethany's Aquisition of Taste.

Weight Watchers really helped me to try new things and eat where I hadn't even eaten before. But I've been eating the same foods for a long time and I haven't really changed what I eat on a more consistent basis. I've decided that since I'm taking a break from the program, I'm going to use this time to explore what the world of food has to offer even more. More importantly, I'm going to try to make my regular meals much more vegetarian oriented and save the special meals for meat. Like tomorrow I'm going to make pizza with pepperoni and beef, and I'm not going to feel bad for it because of how well I've been eating lately.

I didn't get to run today because of the rain. I think I needed an extra day anyway. I didn't really feel that excited about it when I had to work a 12 hour day anyway. I'm going to aim for tomorrow. If it's still raining, I might have to bust out the Turbo Jam.


  1. I am all for the vegetarian diet, but be warned it's hard to get all the protein you need when working out.

    It takes a lot more planning to make smart eating choices and avoid just eating too many carbs. Go for it! But be mindful of what you eat. If you are not getting the protein you need, try something like brown rice protein shakes, and avoid getting too much soy. Soy=Estrogen. Too much estrogen makes it harder to lose weight.

  2. Thank you for the advice! So far on this veggie kick I've been eating a ton of fruits and vegetables. I'm sure I've heard about the tofu thing, but I forgot, and that's really good to be aware of! I kicked the birth control for that reason (among others)
    I think I'll just waver on the protein when I feel like I need it and treat myself to the occasional fish or chicken dishes. I suppose this doesn't make me a vegetarian depending on the day haha