Monday, January 4, 2010

The Next Steps

Well, Julia has finally convinced me that it's time to do the Couch to 5k. I've been able to maintain a good amount of running for about a month now (although, not enough yet to make any difference) but it's become part of my thought process each day. So it's time that I set my next goal.

It's pretty cool really, you can repeat days as you need, and you can download a podcast that instructs you when to walk and when to run according to the program. I'm excited to get started!

She also has a great link on her blog that I wanted to pass on to anyone interested:

I just have to say that I like that this isn't a new years resolution kind of thing. It's nice that I've been steadily working on it. I look forward to saying "I ran x miles today" and I'll remembering back when I thought that running was something other people did but never me. I can already say that now, but it'll be way cool to prove I can do more!

Also, I'm slowly working on coming down from the massive amounts of sugar and cheese I've been eating the last few weeks. Today's the first day back to normal and I'm already trying to resist the urge to eat at all times! I keep craving things I don't actually want to eat, but I eat them just to see if I'll feel any better and it doesn't work. So far my strategy is to drink a bunch of water. Which I shall go do right now since I really want to go eat another cookie!

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