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Perhaps it's because I'm hormonal (yes I'm announcing my feminine instability to the universe via the internets), but the lack of interest or support on my blog is making me want to literally cry right now. This is my only outlet, my only cheerleading section, the only place I really get to talk about how !)(%%!)(#8 !(%0(* 0)(#*$)&!*&@#^!*!!!!!!!!! HARD this whole overweight thing is.

Okay I censored that last bit because my mom would say "do your students read this? you don't want any school districts denying you a job because of what you wrote on the internet do you?"

Well I'm frustrated MOM. I'm frustrated WORLD.

I just want everyone to know that even though I've been trying very hard to set up and maintain a lifestyle that would have me be more healthy, I'm not doing so well emotionally and I could really use some support. You have absolutely no idea how big of a difference it makes to me to know that other people are willing to tr…

30 day exercise challenge!

Okay people. This is what I want to do. I want to challenge you and myself to 30 days of exercise. No days off. No taking a break. 30 days. You can do whatever exercises you want at any intensity you like.

I realize part of my lack of improvement in my physique is that I keep doing elements of my improved lifestyle irregularly. In other words, yes I walk...once or twice a week. Sure I work out on the elliptical ... when I remember to and I feel like it.

So! I'm going to challenge myself to stick to an exercise schedule that I can do EVERY DAY and I want you to do it with me. I think this way we can have lots of exercise buddies without actually having to coordinate schedules or meeting places with anyone. If anyone's had an exercise buddy you know how easy it can be to get off track because one or the other backed out at some point. Well, if someone misses a day in this challenge, it's not going to give you the excuse to miss one too!

4 weeks people! Let's do this!


GF Kudos & Another Recipe

I shall probably post more of these as I do this, but this will be the first. I want to give kudos to the food establishments that do nice things for people on diets and with allergies.

First of all, kudos to Red Robin. Not only did they have a whole menu of gluten free options that they let me keep, they also made me gluten free fries in a separate fryer, and I ordered a salad! I was also thrilled to find that their honey mustard poppyseed dressing is gf! WOOT!

Kudos to Chipotle. Their entire menu is gf except their tortillas. I always get a burrito bowl anyway so I didn't have to change anything about my order. The guy behind the counter also changed his gloves so as not to contaminate anything I'd be eating. I told him he didn't have to but it was nice of him anyway.

Kudos to the Ram. They didn't have a gf menu, but they were very happy to make sure that my salad was gluten free. They even grilled the chicken in a different spice without my asking (I didn't know…

Super Recipe!

I just want to state that I am only doing the gluten free thing as a temporary trial. Actually, in 'You! The Owner's Manual" (by Dr. Oz) he suggests trying to eliminate certain elements of your diet over a couple of weeks to see if it changes how you feel. He says to try omitting gluten but also trying to omit dairy, meat, caffeine, processed foods, etc... So this is just a trial run.

I have to say that all of these drastic dietary changes have made it much easier to choose better foods. I'm getting used to eating most of my meals without meat now and it's not difficult anymore to choose vegetarian options when I go out. I don't even feel like I'm tempted by unhealthy options or missing out on something that would have tasted better. I redid my real age diet test and it said I was pretty much eating the right things now, I just need to be careful with how much oil I'm using.

Anyway, I made up a recipe for dinner last night that turned out really good a…

A Gluten Free Diet: There Are Many Benefits To Eliminating Gluten

A Gluten Free Diet: There Are Many Benefits To Eliminating Gluten

A Gluten Free DietThere Are Many Benefits To Eliminating GlutenShare Article|

Things to consider

Well, I have returned from my four day trip to san fransisco with the choir at Wilson intact. I was quite sleep deprived and cranky, but I did survive. Now, three days later, I can't seem to catch up on the sleep thing. I set my alarm to go dragon boating this morning and talked myself out of it since I felt like I was dreaming when I hit the snooze button for the fifth time.

I do want to do a team sport. This is something I need to be very on top of to make it happen. I think that the expectation a team puts on you to be at practices and races would be a great way for me to be active on a regular basis. I may have to find a team that practices at a time that I can make it to on a more consistent basis.

I've been on this vegetarian kick for quite some time now and it's made absolutely no difference in my size and shape. I should probably journal to keep track of the number of calories I'm taking in. Probably. But I hate writing down what I eat and it's not somethin…

Things I've Learned from the Sims 3

I've been playing an overabundance of Sims 3 the last few days. It's kind of a weird addiction because you're living life, but you're not living life. Anyway I had a realization that I've had many times already but I had it again. You don't get anything you don't work for.

In the game you can improve your sims skills by having them spend time practicing different skills. There's several like cooking, playing guitar, charisma, and fitness. The different sims you make can have personality traits that improve their ability to learn different skills but ultimately they have to practice to obtain any of them.

Even though it's a simulation of reality it's probably more honest than actual reality.  The point being, how many times have I tried to tell myself that I just have to find another way to get healthy because the thing I'm doing isn't working. The reality is that it probably is working I just have to keep doing it and keep improving my s…

The New Adventures of Genius Girl!

Today Genius Girl pulled two Genius Moves. First, she tried to procrastinate running in the randomly nice weather by going to the mall. Luckily her coupons had expired at the clothing store so she couldn't justify buying anything.

Then she went to the apple store where she finally purchased an armband for her iPod. You would think this is a great thing except that she didn't check to see if it fit her 2nd generation iPod nano (it didn't) and so it's a bit difficult to get into the holder and the touch wheel is a somewhat difficult to use. But at least it no longer has to be held.

Then Genius Girl got home from the mall and decided to make herself get out and run no matter what! So she did. But what she didn't expect was to be coughing all up and down the trail because she hadn't gotten over her cold yet. Fortunately for her it didn't exacerbate her cold further and she's not coughing now that she's rested a bit. She also concluded that her inhaler j…

Wha?! Where do I find this?

I'm watching Kirstie Alley's Big Life which is actually more interesting than I had anticipated. Right now she and a couple of people are riding exercise bikes in a pool! Where do I find this? I want to ride an exercise bike in a pool! Has anyone else done this before? I would also like a swimming buddy to go to water aerobics or to go aqua jogging with me. If I can find a Tuesday evening class to go to with someone I would seriously be excited. Who's in? I NEED a workout partner. I'm tired of trying to do everything alone.

I came to the realization this weekend as I read my copy of Shape magazine that I have started to really slip with my exercise routine. Actually, it probably wasn't much of a realization, I pretty much know I'm being a slacker. But I think having a monthly reminder of what I could be doing for myself, like a magazine subscription, would not be a bad thing for relatively little money. There's a great pilates workout in here that I think I…