Monday, January 18, 2010

Weighing the Benefits

I really didn't want to run today. I spent about 3 hours procrastinating this morning and trying to talk myself into it. Eventually I did decide to get out and do it. This could have been a fine run, except that I didn't really stretch that well and I forgot to use my inhaler first. I didn't realize this until I finished the first run interval and couldn't breathe. Now I have shin splints again.
I would probably call this a total failure except that I did get out and do something at all today. Before I started this running stuff, it was near impossible for me to get my butt out the door just to go for a walk. I guess walking just doesn't seem like it's enough of a challenge. Anyway, it's good that I at least did that much today.
I realized today as well that I love oranges. I bought some heirloom navel oranges at New Seasons - these are the cheap ones there - and they are just exactly how I like oranges. They're not too firm and they're not too juicy. I had one for breakfast today and I'm already wanting another one. Problem is that I can't afford to be eating two or three oranges a day. But the more I eat fruits and vegetables, the more I crave them. This is a good thing. I feel like I'm finally detoxing!

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