Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Cons

Con number 1: Running without using my inhaler first. I thought I'd be ambitious today and see how I fared without my 3 year old inhaler. Not good. I could have gotten much more running in if my chest didn't feel so constricted. Using it after works way less effectively than using it beforehand. It's time to accept that asthma is just part of my workout.

Con number 2: My new shoes pull at my heel, so no matter what socks I'm wearing (and I've tried several different kinds now) my socks get pulled into my shoe. This is really only a minor annoyance, but it's easy to fixate when you're doing something difficult.

Con number 3: McDonalds has a new snack wrap that is basically a Big Mac in a flour tortilla. Normally I could resist such things. I can easily resist the Big Mac. I really only have one every few months or so. I might only eat one 3 or 4 times a year. But in a snack wrap I get all the happy of eating a a Big Mac without the guilt (which I should probably be feeling but don't). It's just enough to satisfy my Big Mac craving. The problem is that I can more easily justify stopping to get one because it's cheap and small. And it doesn't feel like I'm being nearly as bad as when I get the real deal. I haven't got the heart to find out how many calories I'm actually consuming. Well played McDonalds. Well played.

1 comment:

  1. Mac Snack Wrap - 330 calories (170 are from fat) 19g fat, 690mg of sodium. :)