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Day 15!

Halfway y'all! I've made it!

This has been a very long couple of weeks. But I feel like I've come a long way and have a long way to go still. It's not easy at the beginning of a journey when you don't know what the end will look like.

At the encouragement of my barista (<3 a="" and="" as="" checked="" could="" do="" feel="" hartwig="" i="" in="" inspiring.="" instagram="" it="" just="" kristina="" like="" made="" me="" melissa="" nbsp="" not="" out="" p="" promised="" really="" s="" small="" this="" was="" way.="" you="">
I decided the best reward for making it my 15 days was to take Charlotte clothes shopping for school. We bought a couple shirts and a jacket, but I decided to actually go through all of her clothes and really curate what she had. It was a good call. Half her clothes were too small and many of them were a hodge-podge of random stuff she's collected over the last year. I've been reading The Curated Closet, thanks to my free local digital library. I felt like I've organically gone through most of the steps for my own clothes already, but not as much for my kids.

One of the first steps they suggest is to create a board - whether that's Pinterest or a literal one, or a sheet of paper; just somewhere to collect ideas - to hone in on a particular style. I started to do this for Charlotte and had her sit with me to figure it out, but every item of clothing we looked at, she wanted to get it. Not a great method for kids.

Then I found kids clothing capsule on Hellobee's blog. This is such a great template! I added 5 short sleeved shirts to this list and voila, we had a jumping off point for Charlotte's clothes. We sorted through what we had, made a list, and hit the store. It was pretty fun actually, and now she has everything she needs for the entire school year - even concerts! Now I just have to have the discipline not to shop for her anymore (i.e. Black Friday).

The downside of our shopping trip was that I didn't really plan well enough for our dinner. I figured we could eat at a few places nearby but I didn't do my research first. We went to Panera and while I was standing in line trying to research options on my phone, I discovered that they use an ingredient in their chicken I shouldn't have ( salads?). We ended up at Red Robin annex with lettuce wrapped hamburgers with tomato and grilled pineapple. Thankfully they didn't charge me much considering how little food it actually was. Another reason to opt to eat at home - meals that are actually satisfying! We ended up running back to target to get some RX bars before heading home.

I also did something stupid. When we were done shopping for Charlotte, I decided to see if I could find anything for me. I buy the same pair of black pixie pants from The Limited every year, but they went bankrupt. Rude! So now I have to find a new favorite store for my clothes. The Limited had pretty good quality stuff and great sales and it frickin fit me well which was so hard to find. Most of my wardrobe is from The Limited. I tried on some stuff at The Gap and almost cried in the dressing room. Is it possible that I have gotten FATTER?? I my body, it can do amazing things, I've been feeling healthier, I'm doing my absolute best to be my best self but seriously? I don't fit in their biggest size? What the hell GAP??!!

Fortunately, I stumbled into the J Crew Mercantile, which is basically their outlet mall store, and they had clothes I could afford that fit me and looked like what I like to wear! And did I mention teacher discount?? Miracles happen!! I didn't get too much because I don't want to shrink out of expensive clothes, which I fully expect to happen.

Oh! Another fabulous discovery - curried chicken salad over avocado. I found a recipe on pinterest and tried it today. It's on The Movement Menu blog. I basically changed the whole recipe - I didn't use red onion or parsley, I used a red apple instead of green, I used the may Coover whipped up for me (Thanks Coover!), I forgot the pepper, I used rotisserie chicken from New Seasons (so much easier!!), and I added peas. It was good! The kids had rotisserie chicken, cold peas, and chopped mango for lunch. Archer ate 3 helpings of peas. I think this shall repeat tomorrow!

I keep having more good days. I feel blessed!


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