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Day 6

"Over the next two days, prepare yourself for the overwhelming urge to Kill All the Things. Your kids will forever be working your last nerve, the way co-workers talk, chew and breathe will annoy you, and chipper cashiers and baristas will cower in your crankiness."


Today was rough. Really really really really rough.

I got a later start than I should have this morning. I made scrambled eggs full of veggies and sausage patties for Charlotte and I (which she ate after an argument), and made some eggs with greens for Archer. I put them in a tupperware for him to eat at the parade we went to this morning. He was NOT interested.

At lunch, both kids were whining and throwing fits over what I was cooking because it wasn't what they wanted. I kind of lost it at that point. Both stayed in their rooms until lunch was ready. Charlotte's attitude turned around. Archer finally ate his eggs so he could have some of the sausage.

I was proud of myself, we went to a birthday party and I skipped the cake and stuck to fruits and veggies. My kids and husband did not. I felt frustrated. It's not fair for me to expect the same, and I don't, but it's hard.

For dinner I made mashed sweet potatoes with jamaican jerk chicken and papaya red pepper salsa. It was very good. My kids disagreed. Archer kept screaming for his bar or an apple. I refused to budge about what was for dinner. Charlotte ate the chicken out of it, but not much else. She's doing pretty well actually.

Archer is in full melt-down mode now. We put him in his bed becuase he refused to eat his dinner and was screaming at the top of his lungs. I feel bad for him, but I also can't take any more screaming today. It's taking every ounce of self-discipline not to stress eat. I want a beer. I want chocolate. I want a pastry. But I've made it 6 days and I'm not going to screw it up.


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