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Day 14

Um...this book promised me food porn dreams and I have yet to have any. I'm a bit disappointed.

"Day 12 to 15: I dream of...junk food?"


No sweat though, I have plenty to be happy about. I managed to not have any major snafus today! And my kids didn't throw giant fits over food! It was a good day.

I had a bit of a hazy headache today that I'll attribute to inconsistent sleep patterns and no coffee today. There shall be coffee tomorrow. But overall, I'm starting to feel pretty good.

With several errands to run today, I packed lunch (leftover chicken legs, sliced cucumber, carrot sticks, two apples, almond butter, two packets of cashews, and a white nectarine) in a mini-cooler to have on hand so the kids wouldn't be whiny all day. It worked! Archer actually asked specifically for cashews!

Let me just say, we haven't eaten exclusively from home in a very long time. The sheer volume of actual food I have to buy is kind of amazing to me. I mean, I know we ate the same amount of food (probably more) when we were eating out all the time, but...did you read that cooler list? I have to have all this stuff to put in the cooler, which means going out into the grocery abyss and actually buying all of it. I'm hoping that my trips to the grocery store start reducing to once or twice a week rather than the nearly daily "oops I forgot..." trips I keep having to make. I'm also becoming less afraid to buy more food all at once. I know that the impact on our bank account will be an improvement. I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten out the last two weeks and while we're spending more on groceries, the cost of each meal is significantly less than what we spent eating out. This is good!

I got home around 4 this afternoon and started slowly plotting dinner. (I get so sleepy in the afternoon!) We ended up having meat and potatoes. I did cast iron steaks with the Jacobsen steak seasoning and coined baby potatoes tossed in some oil and salt and roasted. Kids were in heaven. I made myself an heirloom tomato salad with a tarragon vinaigrette to go with it - a girl needs her acid to cut through all the rich food now.

After dinner, I actually had some energy! The tired wore off and I took the kids for a mile walk around the block before bed. Something about going for a walk in the evening just makes me feel like I have my shit together.

This seems to be going in the right direction! Kids got to bed at a decent hour, I'm going to bed at a decent hour, there were no major tantrums or fights, everyone kind of went with the day. Fingers crossed that more of them will be like this!


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