Sunday, September 27, 2009


This may become a reoccurring theme on my blog.
"I can't believe what I ate this Saturday!"Perhaps I will make it a theme post entitled Saturdays.
Anyway, this is the second week that my Saturday has been an eating disaster. Here is the story:

I had to reschedule all my voice students to Sunday so I could attend the all day "retreat" (aka really long rehearsal) for the Portland Symphonic Choir. I didn't write in my calendar that the time had changed, so I ended up getting there at 9 instead of 10 when it was actually going to start. I had eaten a high fiber toaster muffin with a veggie sausage patty and a slice of cheese - we're talking probably 10 grams of fiber here in this breakfast - so I was really not hungry enough to search for a snack. So I went for a 45 minute walk. It was kind of a treat because I love the neighborhoods in southeast Portland and I don't really walk over there since I don't live there. Anyway, I was so proud of my really good breakfast and my really good walk. Then lunch happened. My friends wanted to go to thai, which I could have been in control with, but the place was closed so we ended up with barbeque. I thought that ordering a smoked fish plate would be the healthiest option. And it would have been except for the cream cheese and the baguette brushed with butter and toasted. I tried to help matters by asking for a box as soon as my food got there so i couldn't eat what was in front of me. It didn't really help. Salmon is really high in points in spite of what most may think. All those fatty acids are great for you, but they are still FATTY acids regardless of their health benefits. So I had hoped to reel and just not eat much for dinner.

This would have been an okay remedy to a somewhat disastrous lunch except that the same friends invited me over for Amadeus and cosmo night. I decided to throw caution to the wind and to just enjoy the food and the company. I had two rum and cokes, probably more brie than anyone should have - it had an amazing fig and brown sugar sauce baked over the top, which was my own fault because I made it - a sausage dog, and some bruschetta. Besides the brie, these options are fairly within reason on weight watchers given that you hadn't had a pretty bad lunch already and that you didn't eat 10 points of brie!

Anyway, I sat down and did the math and figured out that my day came out to almost 60 points of food. That's about twice what I get to eat each day. This is a bad habit considering I had the same nightmare last weekend with my mom's birthday. I need to figure out how to not be a diet snob and to still be able to enjoy going to parties. I know better than to think it's reasonable for me to not eat the food when I go. I know myself better than that. There's no way I can resist a table full of taste sensations. Perhaps if it's only one day a week it's not so bad. I'm already thinking about trying the same figs with the brown sugar cut in half and split with splenda over goat cheese or low fat cream cheese - this would be so much more point friendly! But still not the same.

But I really really really really want to have my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers be a success. It's like going to a class reunion. You want to prove that you accomplished something. Even if it's only to yourself.
The good news is that I lost 1.8 pounds last week in spite of my candy dish/ice cream/party food bunco party mishap. So I may stand a chance of losing that much again this week if I keep the rest of my week within reason! It's just amazing how fast a day can go awry if you're thrown too many curve balls!

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