Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Day

Today is the fourth day of my previous goal setting. So far, not terrible. Saturday was kind of a let-down because my mom's birthday party was a bunco party and thus swimming in bowls of candy and ice cream. I was good with the ice cream, but bad at the toquitos and really bad at the candy dishes on the tables.
So I just wrote disaster on my tracker for that evening and decided to start over on Sunday.
It's really hard to go out places because you really have no idea what you are consuming. I ate a polenta cake with goat cheese and wild mushrooms last night which was probably the healthiest option on the happy hour menu where I was at, but I think it may have been fried, and I'm not sure how fatty the gravy was that was all over it and extra delicious. It's amazing how many points things are when you actually find out too! I had baked popcorn chicken for lunch today and a little handful - maybe 10 small pieces - was 8 points! I so did not expect that. I thought maybe 5 for the amount that I had. That's almost a third of my points for the day! But that's what I wanted to eat, so I used the points to have it. I ate a banana so I got some fruit at least. But even bananas are 2 points! Everything counts, even if it's healthy. Which is kind of lame, but at least I'm paying attention.
I have to say that it's extremely hard to stay on track when you can't afford food. I was able to buy a few odds and ends for produce with what few dollars we had left. I had intended to go do a full shop last week, but after I went to costco and shopped for birthday presents I realized I had no more money left to hit winco. So I've had to be very creative. Spaghetti squash is really good by the way, and a very cheap way to get veggies into your traditional pasta dishes. I was kind of surprised because I usually can only do squash in cream sauces or baked into bread. I'm going to attempt to make a pumpkin pasta sauce when I can afford to buy more groceries. I saw a jar at Williams Sonoma for $15! There's no way that making it can cost that much! But it sounds good so I'm going to attempt it.

I finally took a walk today. I hadn't gotten it in yet, but I forgave myself yesterday because I spent two hours cleaning at my old apartment and it was work! Our new place is in a much better location for walking since it's right next to a high school. Unfortunately I can't use their track because it's a private school, but there are sidewalks and some niceish areas to walk around. Come rain and snow, there's a 24 hour fitness room that has an eliptical and a treadmill that I can resort to. But I am trying to remember to get in at least some basic exercise. Good times.

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  1. One day at a time, right? You and Paul should come for a visit and then we can go walking together!