Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Epic Fail!

Okay, maybe not epic. I always forget which oil to use in baking - vegetable versus canola. Unfortunately I used canola, and the brownies I was so excited about having (I even worked out my points to have the tiny chunk I could afford) kind of suck. Paul likes them just fine so he can eat the whole pan. But lame! I wish I hadn't used my five points for something so unsatisfying. I kept thinking it was because I used the spray and that the brownie nearer the middle would be better. That may have been true if I hadn't mixed it into the batter! Duh!
The good news is that we got chocolate peanut butter ice cream at fred meyer and walked to fred meyer to get it. So I got a fifteen minute walk in and could feel it in my thighs when we got back. Perhaps the 6 points per serving isn't so bad if you have to walk half a mile to get it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a taunting monster in my freezer though.


  1. Oh, Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream in my freezer is DOOM!!! Good for you walking Bethany! I have been getting out and walking more too...I like a destination rather than in circles on a treadmill.
    Roberta :)

  2. Invest in some frozen yogurt - and eat that instead ;) Mmmm, that sounds good actually. But at least you walked for your ice cream! I think you're doing a good job too. Keep it up!