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2 steps back

What a 3 day weekend. There were far too many calories by alcohol. And far too much neglecting of the yoga class. I mentioned that I danced at Darren's dirty thirty. Sunday Paul and I went to my parents and freed my piano for the vortex. The poor dear thing needs to be completely refinished and the panel that's above the keyboard cover and holds the music stand is completely broken. It may need some reconstructive surgery.
Yesterday I kidnapped Coover and Frannie and took them to the sakery. I think SakeOne is probably one of my favorite places to just be. It's an adorable facility, there's a cute porch and a cute picnic area. A really cool japanese mural painted on the side of the factory. It's just lovely. Problem is that I have made no effort to establish the number of points that sake costs. I kind of feel like there are some things that I just want to enjoy without having to worry about my weight all the time. Sake is one of those things. Then again, I kind of feel like this is allowing food to control my emotions and thus control me. Not so good. I really hate having to think about it so hard. There are people that are perfectly healthy that don't have to think so hard about being so. It gets to be very frustrating. After sake, we went to Coovers and made a lovely dinner. Frannie and I tried to make up for my missed yoga class by doing yoga in the yard while Coover cooked the steaks. It probably wasn't nearly as effective as going to class, but it was something!

I was going to go to yoga today, but I decided that I just wasn't up for it. I will definately go tomorrow regardless of my feelings towards it. I did get a bit of exercise from packing today. I was going to call the complex we applied to, but I decided to just stop by on my way home. I went in to ask about whether he'd found an apartment for us closer to our moving date (October). He said he hadn't, but he had one we could move into now. I was a bit upset at first, but he worked it out so that our first month is free, and he discounted our deposits. So now we have the entire month of September to move, and I can start teaching students out of our house sooner. We can start moving next week. I wasn't really planning on moving next week though, so I started packing when I got home today. So far I have some of the kitchen done and a few boxes of books and odds and ends. But it occurred to me how much work this is really going to be. It's not just moving for me this time. It's completely reorganizing and reprioritizing. Hopefully this will be the last place we live before we buy a house. Problem is, that we need to pay off our debt before we buy, which will probably take anywhere from 5 to 10 years. I don't want to live there 5 to 10 years with a bunch of stuff that's just waiting for another closet in a house. It just feels silly to me to own stuff just to own it. So basically I have many Craigslist ads to post and many trips to Goodwill in my future. At any rate, this large distraction might be a bit difficult to deal with as far as my exercise routine. Then again, moving in and of itself is exercise.

I haven't weighed myself in a couple days. I think I'm going to avoid it for awhile. I base too much of my mood on what my scale says. I know I'm getting more tone and definition regardless of my scale. I must find hope and happiness in this fact!


  1. Lets go on a hike this weekend while camping. Yes? I kind of want to hike up to Bagby Hot Springs and check it out - never been. We can also try to get a walk in in the mornings when it's crisp out. Then we can feel better when we drink later on :)


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