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I hate being fat. I hate trying to not be fat. I hate the process. I hate that it never has an end result. I hate not being able to afford the things that work. I hate it.


  1. :(
    I kind of understand the feeling, actually.. I always think I'm going to try and lose weight, and then I try a little bit, and nothing happens, and I get frustrated and stop. I wouldn't say you can't afford the things that work, though, because all my friends who HAVE lost weight haven't really spent money on something fancy, except one or two who did weight watchers, which I don't know how much it costs but it doesn't seem like it's probably prohibitively expensive. I think mostly the idea is a balanced combination of watching what you eat, and getting a lot of the right kind of exercise. I'm just not dedicated enough to do either apparently.

  2. I totally relate with this post. I hate it too. I tried playing racquetball every night, it didn't work, I tried yoga, didn't work. The only thing that's worked thus far is the Couch to 5K. I've lost 10 pounds in a month and a half!! I know you can find the right thing, and it will work!

  3. I think everyone relates to this on some level. It always feels for me like somehow, even after the long road (that I'm not nearly far enough down) I'm just going to be fighting the same battle on a different field. In the end, even more than I hate being fat, I hate it that other people don't have to try nearly so hard not to be.

    But you and me... we're going to find things that work. We're going to give as good as we get. And we'll come out swinging even when we don't want to. The silver lining about three steps forward/two steps back... at least you always keep one step ahead. ;)


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