Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

I really need to get a better bathroom scale. It's not that I think ours in inaccurate, it's just that I think it's really hard to read and thus hard to tell which line the dial is actually pointing to. I'm going to say that I probably lost 1 pound this week. Maybe slightly more but, again, it's hard to tell. I'd rather be under-indulgent. This isn't really the shining glorious achievement that I was hoping for. But I suppose after the large weight loss I had from the first week I couldn't expect my body to keep adjusting that quickly. As long as I keep losing, that's what matters.

I've been sort of watching sales and pricing out bathroom scales. It's a bit of a draw to figure out what a good choice would be. There's reviews for everything and nobody's really unhappy with their scale. They also vary so greatly in price that it's hard to tell if more expensive is necessarily better. As long as it's accurate and doesn't break I suppose I'd be happy. Unfortunately none of this matters until we have money for it, which could be awhile.

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  1. I got my digital Weight Watchers scale at Target for $20-30. Sometimes the number gets stuck, and tells you you're the same. So I stand on it with Leroy to get the number to move, get off, then get back on without Leroy, then it's accurate :) They had more expensive ones, like $40-50, that measure other things, and probably don't have the "tweak" like mine does. But mine works well enough - so I don't mind. Looks like you can get it on Amazon for $30 Good luck!