Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weight Loss & Babies

Well, if you haven't heard via facebook yet, I am pregnant! And both my husband and I are super thrilled about it. What does this say about my weight loss program? Well, it's on a temporary stall I suppose. But my healthy program doesn't have to be. And that is why I will continue to blog.

I did some research about what I should be doing to stay healthy and what the normal weight gain will be. I'm in the first trimester (about 5 weeks) and my resources tell me that I should only gain 1-2 pounds between now and December. This is a bit of a relief. They also said that with morning sickness (which I don't really have) it's possible to even lose weight! But I'm not holding out for that eventuality.

I got this book to sort of help me out. It's called "The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy."  It has a list of things for each trimester that you should work into your diet and it explains how each food works and benefits you and your baby. It also says near the beginning that I only need to add 300 calories a day to my diet while I'm pregnant. So I'm going from 1200-1500 to 1500-1800 calories a day. Not difficult considering I probably do that already when I'm not tracking haha. It has a breakdown of where all the weight you gain goes (baby, breasts, placenta, blood, etc..), it explains how your body changes specifically in each trimester, which nutrients are better to get from supplements or food, and food alternatives for cravings.

Honestly, I checked it out from the library a couple months ago and found that it was really helpful just in trying to balance a healthy diet. It gives you food ideas that you may have never even heard of before like hemp seeds for protein, bitter melon for fiber while you're trying to conceive. It has a list in the back of foods that tend to be more contaminated that you should buy organic versus foods that tend to be less so you can buy normal.

I'm making a list of the foods I should be eating to post on my refrigerator so I remember to get them when I go shopping. I should probably track my foods now more than ever since it's not just me that's affected by my choices now!

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