Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mushroom Ragu For the Win!

Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Ragu

That's the link for the recipe. It's vegetarian, and the calories can be a bit high with the mascarpone, but it is so delicious! I used Trader Joes Gnocchi to save time and scrapped the fancy tomatoes for diced store brand.

Here's the nutrition breakdown:

Ragu (with Mascarpone):
Calories: 299
Fat: 22
Carbs: 15
Fiber: 4
Protein: 4

With a cup of gnocchi it's about 540 calories, which seems a bit high, but seriously, it's all vegetables. I don't mind eating that many calories of all vegetables. And besides, the taste is worth it!

On another note, I half expected a weight gain after a weekend of eating what was available, not moving around much, and been pretty stressed out. I spent the weekend at Camp Magruder with my parents and my sister helping out with the Clackamas High School A Choir Retreat. I ran sectionals mostly and my family made all the meals. I ended up eating more than I probably should have in terms of chocolate and carbs. When I got back I felt pretty gross and was certain that I'd put on at least a pound or two. Much to my surprise I weighed in this morning at 171.4. Which puts me just slightly down in general. Now I'm trying to make sure I continue to earn my losses by eating more veggies. I'd forgotten the easiness of adding a small salad to my meals. I've been drinking tons of tea too since my cold seems to have worked its way back into my system. Perhaps I'm just hydrated and that is why I had a loss? I'll take it either way!

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