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Today I went in to the doctor to get a pre-pregnancy physical. Well, sort of. Really what I wanted was a definite diagnosis for pcos (polycycstic ovarian syndrome) which I've been learning lots about and had suspicion about having. Why does this matter to a weight-loss blog you might ask? Because pcos throws off your insulin levels and makes it very difficult to lose weight. It also puts you at high risk for type 2 diabetes. I may or may not have announced that Paul and I are not trying to not get in, we're not avoiding babies. As I've been reading about what I should do in case I do get pregnant (like taking prenatals, getting more exercise etc..) I ran across a bunch of information about pcos and had great concerns about it. I learned two things from my appointment today. First is that I don't have pcos. Yay! Second is that my doctor told me not to run anymore, but walking is a great idea. I wanted to ignore her advice and keep running anyway (instant Bethany mental rebellion attack!), but I started thinking about this - you're going to hate me Christy. I've never been good at running. It's not something that I've every really wanted to do because I liked it. It's something I've felt like I should do because it's the hardest exercise and I wanted to be hard core!

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do my c25k plan when I feel up to it. But instead of avoiding it like I've been doing, I'm going to get my butt outside and go walking. My doctor said that I should do as much of my exercising outside as I can to avoid seasonal affective disorder. I think this will be a good trade off and will keep me from completely crashing in my exercise routine. I'm also going to make my workouts distance oriented instead of time oriented. In other words, I'll at least walk the 3 miles rather than walking 30 minutes.

The other small shot in the arm I got was the advice to lose 15-20 more pounds. Obviously I know I need to do this anyway, but having a doctor tell you to helps I think. I am going to start tracking my calories again, just for a few days to keep myself in check.


  1. haha, why would I hate you? Doctor's orders. Would you still want to do the run like hell with us? You can speed walk the whole thing, and we'll all be at the finish line cheering you, and waiting to have wings and beer together!!! I think it'll still be fun, even if you decide you can't be in the group costume and do it individually. Use the support you have, like this wonderful team!

  2. Way to go Bethany! I think you'll enjoy walking once you get out there! You look beautiful now, but I'm glad you got a boost in your goals!

  3. That sounds delightful :) I definitely still want to do it, but yeah, it would probably be a bad idea to have me attached to your dragon.


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