Monday, October 25, 2010

Say What?!

Like so many mornings, I woke up, went into my bathroom and stepped on my scale. 170.6. My weight is down a little more. This is about another pound down. If I were to lose 2-3 more pounds I would be just under the obese weight level for my height. One more pound and I'll be down 25.

On one hand I'm excited to be down a little bit more. This means that I am eating better in spite of myself (probably the lack of fake sugars, trans fats, and alcohol would be my guess), but it also means that I am losing weight while pregnant. The mayo clinic book I have says it's okay to lose a couple pounds in the first tri-mester so I won't panic yet, but I am a bit on alert. I want any weight gain to be because my baby's growing or because of baby related adjustments - not because I've given in to cravings and am eating like a vacuum cleaner! Loss is not my goal right now. Health is.

Yesterday I walked the Run Like Hell 5k. I'm pretty proud of this. I've never done a 5k before. I didn't run at all which I think was a good call because my hip and my ankle are really hurting today - I have an appointment with the chiropractor today. I think I'm going to make it my goal to walk 30 minutes 4 times a week. I met a girl Friday at my bowling league who's 8 months pregnant and looked great. She said she forced herself to walk and it was the best decision she's made through her pregnancy.

I've also noticed my eating patterns have changes slightly. I've been eating more red meat. My book says that my blood will increase in quantity in the first trimester by quite a lot and I have a feeling this is causing me to crave iron. I usually don't eat much red meat otherwise but I've been craving it so I've been eating it. I've also been drinking some pretty creative alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Last night I had butter beer which was A&W cream soda with butter rum torani syrup in it rather than butter shots schnapps which tasted lovely (but super sugary!), and last week I had lemonade with rose flavor added to it - if you like flowers, this is so yummy. I would feel bad about all the sugar I've been having, but I think that it's probably comparable to the calories I would have been getting from alcohol anyway.

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