Monday, October 11, 2010

See, That Wasn't So Bad!

I just put in my calories for the day using the Diet Controller program. I am so happy with myself. I even made what I thought was a fatty recipe (chicken and dumplings Tyler Florence style) and found that it wasn't really as bad as I expected.
I can't get over how easy it is to calculate the nutrition for recipes in this program! I tend to avoid tracking because it is so tedious! You have to look up all the nutrition information, write it down, and add it all up. For a recipe with a lot of ingredients, this could take as much as an hour! I realize now that part of the reason dieting has been so hard for me is that I not only have to deny myself things that are fatty and delicious, but I was avoiding foods that I knew would take a bunch of time to find information for. I did my whole days worth of food in less than 10 minutes with this program!

I stayed within my calorie range for today. So that is going well. Now I just have to get the exercise in check. This week is going to super busy. I have voice students, subbing, choir rehearsal, parents-in-laws coming into town, a dragon making party, a friend's birthday party, a choir retreat, a choir concert and a family get-together between now and Sunday. I've really been keeping the momentum going with keeping my house clean and cooking one meal every day. I hope I can maintain it now and figure out how to get some walking done!

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