Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why the Japanese are so thin

I've heard it said many times that people from asian cultures are thin because of what they eat. I beg to differ! I went to Uwajimaya's to grab something to eat on my way to choir rehearsal this evening thinking I would find some rice balls or some veggies with rice...something along those lines. I headed over to the deli and began searching for something and soon realized that everything had meat. Everything! Fish, pork, chicken, stuff I'd never thought came from animals! I think American's have bastardized healthy asain food. I ended up with a sweet bun filled with red bean paste. Probably not the least fattening or sweet thing I could have found, but alas the only thing that didn't have any meat.

The good news is that I have half of it figured out. I've been watching tons of Japanese tv shows and in pretty much every episode one of the characters ends up running to catch/find/meet another person. But it's not like a light run, it's full out sprinting every time. These people don't mess around! And it's never a short distance either, it's like two or three minutes of all out sprinting to dramatic music in the rain! For some reason this is motivating to me. Perhaps my runs aren't quite as dramatic, but at least the more I work at this the better my chances of being ready for my dramatic sprinting scene! Or just being ready to wear a smaller size of pants. Either way works for me.

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  1. When I went to China I stayed in a hotel that was on Hong Kong harbor and was fascinated by the hundreds (literally) of people that lined the walk way in the mornings-jogging, walking, stretching. I asked my co-worker about it and she said that exercise is very very important to the Asian culture. They believe in a very well balanced life that includes good eating and exercise.