Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elliptical Blues

I've been relegated to the elliptical. My chiropractor said that doing a high impact sport like running could put a damper on treatments. He said it was okay for me to do the elliptical though. There's one at my complex I can use, but it needs to be serviced because it grinds and squeaks when used. He said I could walk, but that the elliptical would be better.
I guess this is okay because I'm losing some of my steam with the C25K stuff. I could use a break. I think I will keep up walking so that I can challenge myself at least in some way. It will probably be difficult without the high from running though. That stuff's addictive in an oh so good way!

I've noticed a change in my relationship with food. We got Burgerville for lunch today and I got the bacon cheeseburger because it's my day to eat meat! It was very delicious, but I found myself struggling to order it over the white bean burger they have right now. I kept thinking about how much healthier it is and how much better I would feel if I ate it instead. Fortunately I didn't feel that bad afterward because Burgerville is good people and they don't give you food that makes you sick. I found myself wanting veggie food for dinner though. I had the best falafel sandwich ever at Old Market Pub. The waitress made fun of me because I wanted carrot sticks instead of fries. Carrot sticks wasn't a given option, I asked for them. I wanted them because they actually sounded better than fries. I'm not even kidding. I didn't feel for a second like I was giving up food that I would rather have for food I should have. It wasn't until she made fun of me that I realized what an odd choice it was. Who prefers carrot sticks to fries? Why not just get the salad for crying out loud? Being weird is awesome!


  1. Wait to go Beth! Hey you should come over to my complex sometime, we have tons of ellipticals, well a full on gym, and FREE yoga on Saturday mornings!

  2. I do the elliptical every day. And while it sometimes gets boring, I have lost about 7 lbs on it. I just watch t.v. or listen to music while on it.