Monday, February 15, 2010

Posture makes Perfect

I was comparing a picture of me in my honeymoon photos (the one that I took in the mirror) to the New Years Eve photos that my friend Amber just posted and I think I look better. Screw the scale!
I think I owe some of this to my posture. As I've been having my spine adjusted I realize i carry my weight better and I am probably also a little taller since he's slowly uncurling my spine.

I'm going to get my butt on an elliptical tomorrow if it kills me. I don't want to look at any more pictures and think, "I can't possibly still look like that!" I'm back on the veggie diet today after nearly a week off. I forgot this morning and had a chunk of chicken pepperoni on accident! But I did pretty well the rest of the day.
It will be more of a challenge to figure out food and exercise the rest of this week. Tomorrow is a normal work day but Wednesday is a 12 hour day, Thursday's a 10 and Friday's a 9 hour day between work, voice lessons, and chiropractor appointments. Perhaps I'll bring my tennis shoes so I can walk on the track during lunch!

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