Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not Interested

I just realized that I did not think once today about whether I was making any sort of good choices to improve myself. But I was able to make some good choices anyway.

I feel like I've hit a new plateau in my lifestyle. Typically when I stop keeping track of what I'm doing to take care of myself I tend to go in three different directions. One is to feel horribly guilty every time I knowingly do something I shouldn't (put down the donut!). Two is that I pretty much just forget what I should be doing and I don't even think about it at all. Three is that I buckle down and fix it - this is usually temporary.
The last week or two I realize now that I have reached a new zone. Indifference.

I have been doing so many things to really improve my physicality lately that you would think I would want to do whatever I can to boost it. Even if I choose not to I usually feel guilty about it. But I haven't really been trying to do anything. There is a silver lining however. What is actually kind of good about this is that I have set myself up for at least nominal success regardless of whether I'm paying attention or not. I dragon boat three days a week come rain or shine. I am antsy to bike whenever it's nice out. And I haven't been eating when I'm not hungry because I just haven't really been interested.

So, even though I am not all that gung-ho on making improvements and pushing myself to do better lately, I am at least still doing things by default. Now, if I could just work a few more little things into my "default lifestyle" I might just find the cure for the chub!

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