Thursday, June 10, 2010

Breif Check In

I have to leave to go work in about 6 minutes so I'll try to update quick!

I gained a pound. I need to do another week of low-cal and keeping track so that I can drop another 5 pounds and feel like I'm trying still.

I hate the way the back of my thighs look right now. I cannot bear the thought of being seen in public in a bathing suit. I was thumbing through a victoria secret catalog and looking at all the incredibly cute bathing suits and while I can hide my tummy under at tankini (which aren't nearly as cute) I can't hide my behind. So I'm just going to have to fix it. This means I need to get back on my daily workout routine and drag my cellulite-ridden self to the elliptical three times a week.

I missed dragon boating on Tuesday because I'm a cop-out and I came up with multiple excuses. Here they are!

  • I have been incredibly fatigued lately. I feel tired ALL THE TIME and have that dull ache behind my eyes like I've had too much or not enough sleep. This has been happening for over a month now. I have many theories as to why this might be. One is vitamin D deficiency. Another is a limited amount of nerve function to my thyroid. Another is that I may be depressed about my employment situation and my feeling of powerlessness to do much about it (not to mention the lovely phone calls from Sallie Mae when they feel entitled to what little money I do make).
  • I had two fillings that morning and my teeth hurt. I was hopped up on ibuprofen and didn't feel much like rowing and having a toothache. 
  • All my gear was in the car that Paul took to work, so I would have had to go get it first which would have added 15 minutes to my efforts. 

Lame excuses, but they were enough to persuade me to stay home and try to sleep on my couch. I was also unsuccessful at that.

Overall, I feel like I suck at life right now. But, as it has done in the past, I'm sure this too shall pass.

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  1. I've been tired a lot, too. I honestly think this crap weather is causing a lot of people to feel like that. We need some sun soon to pull out of this funk!! :-)