Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, after a whole day in the sun at Riverfront Park in Salem I can boast one of the finest farmer tans anyone has ever seen. Not only do I have awesome lines on my arms I also have the standard tank top strap lines and a sports bra scoop on my back! I will attribute these accomplishments to my not having a strapless dress and a wedding to worry about this year.

All amusement aside, yesterday was a great day. My dragon boat team killed it and won the entire tournament! I was all smiles and excitement until I got home last night and started looking at the pictures my sister uploaded.

Yeah, the belly roll needs to go. The good news is that spending the day with a bunch of healthy athletic people was really inspiring. One of my teammates (and I hope you read this!) told me about how he had worked his ass off - literally - and lost 30 pounds. He was such an inspiration! I would have never guessed that he had struggled like I do. I want someday for people to be surprised when they see pictures of me that look like this because I am so fit.

The plateau is over. The apathy is over. Now it's time for a game plan.

Step 1 is to eat less. I will probably just count calories for the most part, but not religiously.

Step 2 is to start Couch to 5k again. Everyone on my team can run. Everyone I know who looks great runs. I want to run. I finished my chiropractic ventures and I feel like I have the tools now to be able to run without the immense pain I was having 5 months ago. It's time to run.

Step 3 is to strengthen my core. I want to be a better paddler and this is what's holding me back right now. Running will help, the balance ball I got will help, trying to find workouts I can do will help, getting rid of the pudge that prevents me from bending will help. Now I just need to execute!

So to summarize. Eat less, run more, crunch more.

This summer is going to be the last summer that I feel bad about my weight. Period.

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