Friday, November 13, 2009

New Perspective

I've been saying lately how I'm not all that motivated to do better with my weight loss. And this is true. I really don't care right now about losing anymore weight. I'm definitely interested in not gaining anymore at least. I've decided that what I need is incentive rather than motivation. A year ago I joined weight watchers and I promised myself that when I reached my 10% weight loss goal I would buy myself some knee high boots. I'm very picky about my shoes these days and I want some that are comfortable and good for my posture. Essentially, I want really expensive ones. So this is a big deal. Well, I have yet to reach that goal. There was a point when I was only 4 pounds away. Now I'm 9 pounds away. At any rate, I have yet to achieve it, and I have long forgotten about my reward. But now that I want my reward again, I have a reason to work toward it.

So I am going to start tracking again beginning tomorrow. I have my weigh in tonight so I'll know what I'm in for better. Tracking is so very difficult! I find myself getting stressed out about going out to eat anywhere that I don't have a pre-planned meal worked out. I can't be that on top of it. I just don't function that way. So maybe I need a set game plan like salads only to have enough of a limit that I don't sabotage myself. Of course, this sucks, but it's easier than trying to sit and figure out how many points I could possibly be eating. This is where the diet kicks in I guess. The funny thing is that every time I order a salad, I'm always so surprised at how much I like it and I don't regret not ordering the burger or entree that I was debating about at all. Funny how that works. Funny how I know that and I still hate ordering salad.

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  1. I got my motivation back a week ago - I don't know why or from where, I'm just glad it's back. I've done so good this week! I snuck in a weigh-in this morning and I've already lost 2-3 lbs. in FOUR DAYS! I work out everyday during my lunch, then I do my weights and crunches at home in the evening while watching TV. I don't count points or calories, but I do check out the Nutrition Info on stuff I buy now, and I stick with low fat, low calories, what's healthy basically. Get in a grocery shopping trip of healthy foods - it'll make you feel better. Invest in some 5 lb. weights, and an exercise ball if you don't have one, for crunches. I find my self sitting on it while watching TV now. I knew I was going to Applebee's the other night, so I checked online to see what I should get. Salad with shrimp of course. So I planned that ahead so I wouldn't be stressed out by the menu. That kind of stuff helps. I was even going to go prepared with my own dressing if there's wasn't one healthy enough, but apparently they have a lemon herb vinaigrette. Applebees even has a Weight Watchers menu. I know you can do it Bethany, it's just hard to keep it up. Just think about how good you were doing before. Think about getting a new outfit for your New Year's Eve party - make that be your goal. A new party dress is always fun :) My goal is to see how much weight I can lose in two months - and my ultimate goal is a bathing suit or bikini body by the summer. Good luck!