Sunday, November 22, 2009

A breath of fresh air!

I've found new life for my motivation. I went shopping with my sister on Friday and tried on some pants that I liked at the Limited. Well, they are the same size 14 that I've been wearing the last year or so and they barely buttoned. Bad! This explains the sneaking suspicion I've been having lately that my pants are a bit too tight. Yeah, I've gotten fatter. The scale is more forgiving than my pants. This cannot happen. I refuse to get bigger! It's amazing the shot in the arm this gives me. I ordered salad the last few times I've been out to eat. I'm hoping that I might have an effect on my weight by choosing to eat things that I know are safe for weight watchers in general rather than tracking everything. I just can't maintain a lifestyle where I have to write down everything I eat. Point in case, my pants don't fit!
I think I'm going to see if I can go to normal yoga for cheaper than hot yoga. Hot yoga is $125 a month. I'm sure I can find something less expensive that works in my schedule. I think it will also help to have Paul on graveyard rather than swing so that I'm not eating out so much. It's really hard to cook a meal for one. Even if you save the leftovers for lunches. It's just kind of depressing.

I think my other new goal is going to be to fit into the dress Paul bought me about 3 years ago. I've never been able to get it on. It's a size 14 (which in this brand is probably closer to a 10). I want to wear it for new years. So I need to lose about 10 pounds this month if I want to wear it. And it's completely possible for me to do that. I just have to be relentless about what I eat and how much I exercise! And I can do that. I really can. And I will!

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  1. Beth, I'm with you! I was just thinking yesterday about starting Yoga because it's low impact and is one of the few exercises I can do with my back. Do you have a weight loss buddy? I've found success with that in the past....someone you can email daily and tell your food and exercise accomplishments too? Sometimes its helpful to be accountable to a friend. I can be your buddy if you want. I've done it with my cousin in IL and we both had success with it. I think she had 70 lbs to lose and lost about 25 while were buddies.