Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Working

Somehow I've managed to put on more weight in the last few days. I weighed in at 177 this evening. Given, I'd eaten dinner and I always way more in the evening, but this is just plain unacceptable. I feel like a cow.
I've noticed that the mentality that I'd built up around food has quickly died. I realize now that I would think quite a bit about what to eat and whether it was what I should have or not. I find myself eating things like tortillas, cheese, pancakes, red meat, and a multitude of other things that I normally don't allow myself to have at all. Pregnant does not equal eat what you want!

I bought a waist pack that holds your keys, ipod, phone (or whatever else) and a water bottle to wear when you go walking/running courtesy of a gift certificate to foot traffic from the Run Like Hell. It will be nice because so often I have to figure out ways to carry items when I go walking and end up with bulging pockets. I am trying to be better about walking as often as I possibly can. Dragon boating I think is a bit too rigorous given my current condition (the willamette is already polluted enough without me adding to it), and since I can't really limit my calorie intake too much without being thoroughly criticized, basically my only means of maintaining a healthy weight is walking.

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  1. Really, being pregnant is not a time to worry TOO much about your weight. You are going to get bigger and bigger, because there is another person in there who will weigh 7 or 8 pounds on their own by the time they're done. Obviously, you want to keep exercising and what not, and watching what you eat within reason, but toss that "I gained weight - I'm such a cow" idea right out the window. You're pregnant - you will gain weight - it's OK. That in itself doesn't mean you're abusing your health. (And don't weigh yourself in the evening. That's just setting yourself up for being miserable.)