Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miracle Diet

Today I reluctantly weighed myself. Yesterday was a binge-fest that included such classics as waffles, donuts (3 of them), banana cream pie, and oreo cookies. Today is starting to look somewhat similar. Anyway, I wanted the reality check today so as I stepped on the scale I mentally flashed the number 176, 177 in my head. To my surprise it flashed back at me 173. Huh? My baby must be absorbing my calories for me!

I can't say that I am actually annoyed with my scale reading..if anything it's good news in spite of myself. What I can say is that I really know better. I know better than to believe that I'm actually healthy with what I've been eating regardless of what the scale says. For the first time in my life I have to use something other than my weight to keep track of my health. This is kind of liberating. However it also gives me that much more responsibility. If I'm not as healthy as I can be, my baby isn't either.

The belly keeps growing - I can't button my normal pants anymore - and so do the boobs. I won't lie, I'm actually pretty stoked about the boobs haha. I think in another month, I probably won't be able to wear hardly any of my normal clothes anymore. This is the only instance I can think of where you get bigger and lose weight at the same time!

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  1. Speaking of being liberated from the scale...

    I keep up on your blog every once in awhile when my busy schedule allows me to. And it is always inspiring. I'm woot-wooting for you!

    Mrs. Bethany, I have been working REALLY hard to lose weight. I suck at the eating part. But I have been kicking butt going to the gym. And what do I have to show for it? I think my butt is a little smaller. My muscles are more toned. I feel better. But the scale stays EXACTLY the same!!! 5 days now and each time it is the same number. Not plus or minus. Just UGH!!! I'm having the opposite issue! I know that I am much healthier, but the scale doesn't reflect it at all!!!

    Keep being wonderful and keep writing your blog. And soon you can go SHOPPING!!! Because apparently there are really cute maternity clothes now!