Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 Day Exercise Challenge?

Wow. The response for the 30 day challenge was overwhelming. Perhaps more people would be willing to try 7 days?

Come on people! Get off your derrières and get moving!

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  1. Hey, your Confession post doesn't allow comments, so I'm leaving one here. I wish you didn't feel that way, but that's exactly what I'm going through. That's why I've been sucking at my blog too. I felt like no one was reading it anymore, and no one was leaving comments. Blogging is my motivation, and I've been losing it lately. But I'm trying something new, so read about it on my blog. And I still read yours, whether I leave comments or not. So keep going! You're doing great. I also think you're an amazing writer. It's very entertaining to read. I hope you don't give up - and good luck!!