Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things to consider

Well, I have returned from my four day trip to san fransisco with the choir at Wilson intact. I was quite sleep deprived and cranky, but I did survive. Now, three days later, I can't seem to catch up on the sleep thing. I set my alarm to go dragon boating this morning and talked myself out of it since I felt like I was dreaming when I hit the snooze button for the fifth time.

I do want to do a team sport. This is something I need to be very on top of to make it happen. I think that the expectation a team puts on you to be at practices and races would be a great way for me to be active on a regular basis. I may have to find a team that practices at a time that I can make it to on a more consistent basis.

I've been on this vegetarian kick for quite some time now and it's made absolutely no difference in my size and shape. I should probably journal to keep track of the number of calories I'm taking in. Probably. But I hate writing down what I eat and it's not something I will ever do as part of my lifestyle so I need to find another solution.

A student of mine whose mom owns a Curves suggested to me that I might have a gluten allergy. I have contemplated going gluten free before but there is gluten in half of what I eat! I suppose if that's the case I've basically been writing myself a death sentence regardless of what things I cut out of my diet.

Basically anything with wheat or barley has gluten in it. So breads, pastas, beer, cereal, pastries, and a bunch of other random things.
This would be a very difficult and dramatic shift in my eating habits. Just yesterday I had a peanut butter (with flaxseeds!) sandwich on daves killer bread, an avocado sandwich for lunch, mushroom ravioli at happy hour and a late dinner of stir fried vegetables with yakisoba noodles. There was not a meal that I had without gluten in it! So perhaps I should do what I've been doing with meat and be gluten free most days of the week so that I'm not feeling like I'm completely deprived. I think I will finish off my killer bread first since it's not cheap and it's my absolute favorite!

Is anyone else gluten free that can tell me what you've found to eat as staples of your diet?


  1. I have a friend who is allergic to gluten and she gets very sick. Unless you get sick after every meal, I'm guessing your not allergic to gluten. And cooking gluten free is a huge pain! And eating out is even harder. I say embrace gluten if you can. :)