Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I managed to survive the weekend without having to scratch any of my days from my point tracker. Woo! I did manage to eat about 25 of my extra weekly 35 points on Saturday though. And I didn't go out. And nobody came over. Basically, I hosted a girls night from some friends from my cohort last Wednesday and they all bailed on me. They were going to make it up to me by coming Saturday, but then they bailed again. Leaving me with a ton of prepared food. So I ate myself sick with upset. Fortunately it was baked sweet potatoes, hummus and carrot chips and little smokies. I hadn't even gotten to the kale salad I was going to make, or the baked jalapeno poppers. Who needs friends right?

Last night I went to bartini with the choir folk. That place is a weight watchers death trap. There's no way to know how many points are in your drinks and the food sounds healthy, but probably is not as great as you wish it is. I managed to get through with just one martini (pepper infused vodka with mango puree - yum!) and some hummus with cucumber chunks. I think I did pretty well, but I wonder how that hummus managed to be so creamy.

My weigh-in last week wasn't what I'd hoped for. I've gained another pound an a half. But at least I know why based on my point tracker from last week, and the fact that I had drank half an orange julius (we're trying to go through our entertainment book coupons before they expire) and was wearing heavier corduroy pants. This week will be better. One of these weeks I'm going to show up to weigh in wearing a bathing suit haha! I also have plans to wear this beautiful ball gown that Paul bought me that has never fit. The second I can get that zipper up, I'm wearing it everywhere I go!

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