Friday, October 9, 2009

I feel like a grown up!

Today Paul got paid. So when I got up this morning, I showered and got dressed and then came out to the desk to pay the rest of the bills. I put some money in savings for the next round of bills and for the ridiculous amount of car work that we need to get taken care of, and then I figured out how much we could afford to go grocery shopping. Then we went to costco. Samples are the devil because you  justify it being just a couple bites and then you have no idea what you're actually eating. I had a chunk of apple strudel that had all the criscoey deliciousness of the typical costco pastry. Then I had a chip with guacamole on it, and they had the most amazing salmon bites you've ever tasted. I had to try very hard not to buy them. They were not WW friendly by any stretch but they were sooo good. After shopping we bypassed the costco dogs for some happy hour sushi and made our way to cash and carry where we were delighted to find that soups were on sale!

If I haven't raved about these soups yet, I am now! They're the bags of soups that restaurants buy to serve large amounts of. One bag feeds about 10 people. For us we make it and then eat it for a few meals and Paul takes it for lunches. They are super low in calories (if you buy the right ones that aren't cream based) and really really good. They're made by a company in Lake Oswego so they're local too. We had some at my moms and now we have four bags in our freezer haha! Highly recommend the beef barly vegetable. The veggies still have some crunch to them, the soup base needed a bit more water than the bag said to dilute it, but had amazing good flavor and there are chunks of steak. Like, sink your teeth into a hunk of meat steak. About 2 points for a cup. So I can have two bowls of soup for about 6 points. Hell yeah!

We also got canning jars so I could put all of my bob's red mill bags into jars. I cut and taped the labels from the bags onto the jars. Now they won't spill everywhere when I try to pour them out and they'll keep a bit longer I imagine. Plus, they're pretty in jars. Especially the 5 bean soup beans.

So far a good day. And, even though I ate some very unhealthy chunks of food, I still managed to do good for lunch. I'll have to wait to see how weigh in goes. Hopefully this week will be a success!

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