Thursday, October 1, 2009

WW Relief

The thing I really love about weight watchers is that it lets you make mistakes. Not only that, it gives you a safety net to rely on in case of emergency. Last night I had a girls night which ended up being just two of us. That was all we needed apparently because I had a fabulous time hanging out with Heather. After my second glass of Sake, I kind of lost my motivation to update my food tracker. I was plenty motivated, however, to walk to the cute little bar across the street where I had beer and jalapeno poppers and french fries.

This brings me back to my relief in what weight watchers allows me to do. I've been pretty good about tracking what I eat each day and I've started getting used to the portions and the sorts of foods that are more conducive to the point system. I got up this morning, made one of my breakfasts that I know what I'm eating, and sat down to assess the damage from my night of debauchery. It's actually not so bad. Weight watchers gives you set amount of daily points and then gives you 35 a week to use at your leisure. I didn't exactly count the mess I made Saturday, so I had a bunch left of my weekly points. So I'm right within my reasonable food limits even with a night like I had. Woo!

It's kind of nice to see that the more you do the program, the easier it is to stay pretty good on it. Even when you are being bad. Up to this point I haven't really done more than a week at a time where I've been tracking everything I eat and staying on program. Tomorrow will be two weeks and I see the difference already in how much better I am at it. I'm almost looking forward to another week!

I also have great hopes for Saturday. We're having a girls night to make up for the lack of multiple girls tonight and I saved all the food I was going to make. This means that I'm in control of what there is to eat all day Saturday! So far I have plans for lowfat baked jalapeno poppers, baked sweet potato wedges, hummus with vegetables to dip and rice crackers, little smokies, and a kale salad that I'm excited to try to make. I am going to do so good Saturday!

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  1. Yay - I love the positivity! Have a fun time Saturday. I'm having a girl's day vs. your girl's night. A day of shopping, lunch and more shopping. I also bought an elliptical machine last night. SO excited about that. How are you doing with your walks? It's probably easier to go on them when it's 60 degrees and crisp out, vs. 95 degrees. Have a good rest of the week!