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Round 2 - Day 1

Happy New Year! I am so relieved to see 2017 come to a close. It was a long, tough, satisfying year and I am happy to be done. I think the two things that were the most life changing last year were moving into our new house and the first Whole30 I completed.

It's been four months since I finished my first Whole30. I remember my delightful barista, Kristina, saying "It's so hard, but so worth it." And I couldn't describe it better. I have tried so many things to lose weight and keep it off and nothing has ever permeated my consciousness like this has. I think about what I'm eating basically always. I haven't gained any of the weight back that I lost even though I haven't considered myself on a diet since September. I am also hyper-aware of how foods affect me.

December was sort of a free-fall. We went to Disneyland and I made the conscious decision to enjoy myself. Disneyland is already a sugar wonderland most of the year, but add in the Christmas theme and it's a whole new level. I actually wanted to eat the salads I had for most of my meals because I craved them after all of the crazy sugar laden treats I ate. It was nice to indulge, but I think I went a bit overboard and had a tough time saying no to sugar when I got back.

So I decided to go nuts for the rest of December and to do another round of Whole30 in January. I've spent the last couple of weeks indulging in stuff that I knew I'd be giving up soon.  I'm excited that my mom and sister are joining me this time around. It will be nice having them to commiserate with. I am also SO READY to eat better. So much of what I ate for Christmas made me completely miserable and gross. I could barely button my jeans because I was so bloated. I'm looking forward to feeling better.

This time around I have a clearer game plan for my kids. This was really difficult last time around without a firm plan. I've decided that, for the most part, I'll offer them the same things I'm eating, but I won't sweat cooking some pasta to go with spaghetti for them or letting them have tacos instead of taco salad. Charlotte has decided she will do a Whole7 the last week of my Whole30 and has already requested certain foods for her school lunches.

In the spirit of #JanuaryWhole30 I thought I'd share some of my favorite food staples. Having done this once already, the planning element is definitely easier and I realized how much I valued good quality food staples to really make my food a little more edible.

From Trader Joes:
Coconut Aminos (soyless soy sauce)
Coconut Oil
RX Bars
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Everything but the bagel seasoning (awesome for avocados!)

From Costco:
Avocado Oil - I think it was $8 for a gigantic bottle and I LOVE it (they have the same brand at trader joes, but it's a better deal at costco)
The Whole30 book and cookbook ($17 each) and the Whole30 day-by-day planner (I purchased this to try)
Aidell's chicken apple sausage
Little Potato Company potatoes

From New Seasons:
Sage breakfast pork sausage in bulk - One of the few breakfast sausages I found that had no sugar or maple. I buy a pound, cook it all up at the beginning of the week, and toss it in with my eggs each morning.
Jacobson salt company kosher salt (this is the best salt ever, and yes it makes a difference)

From Chuck's Produce:
Every fruit or vegetable you can think of! - I found Plantains that I could cook right away and tons of apple varietals. They also have a good selection of avocados at reasonable prices. I will be a frequent shopper here.
NutPods creamer
Whole roasted chicken (roasted chickens without added no-no ingredients are surprisingly difficult to find - Costco adds carrageenan! Now that I found this, I break one chicken down for lunch salads for the week and it's an easy way to add protein to snack vegetables)
Primal kitchen mayonnaise

From Otto's Sausage Kitchen:
I just discovered this yesterday! All of their sausages are made in house and they don't add any sugar to any of their meat including their bacon! BACON!! I got a couple of chicken sausages to try, a pound of bacon, breakfast sausage links, ground pork sausage, and sliced hunter and summer sausages to snack on.


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