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Round 2 Day 8

Today was an important day. Today, just now actually, I realized that my energy levels might be better. Here's a highlights list of things I did today:

  • got up when my alarm went off - wut?
  • ate breakfast at my desk rather than at my kitchen counter where I...
  • updated the opera on tap website
  • prepped and packed my lunches for the rest of the week
  • made a phone call I'd been putting off to the dress/tuxedo company 
  • packed and put return dresses in my car to take to the post office
  • re-taped numbers on my middle school students' chairs (helps me yell at them more efficiently - you go to chair 10!)
  • wrote a sight-singing exercise on the board 15 minutes before my students showed up (usually doing this when they walk in)
  • ate kale salad while teaching my class and didn't cave and show a video
  • updated the lcrmea website
  • sent an email about solo and ensemble
  • got my paperwork turned in to set up my account so I could send the email about solo and ensemble
  • rewrote a solo &; ensemble flyer/registration form
  • put  my laundry away after I got home from work - ALL of it
  • went for a walk with my kids around the block so they could ride their bikes
  • graded a million papers including a stack I unearthed on my desk from November (whoops!) at home (I never have any energy to work once I get home)
  • cooked a whole 30 quality dinner after forgetting last night to pull fish out of the freezer (thank you backup chicken thighs in the fridge! bam!)
  • cleaned ALL the dishes 
  • cleaned my kitchen counters off - like all the way
  • made my kids pick up their messes without having an anxiety attack
  • remembered to tell my kids to brush their teeth and take a bath 90 minutes before they actually had to go to bed so there'd be room for their shenanigans
  • didn't have a meltdown when I discovered the pile of satin ribbon my son had unraveled on the way to putting him to bed. calmly cleaned it up, had him help me, and explained that we didn't have time now to read a story.
  • helped a colleague with some solo & ensemble questions while writing this blog post.
  • also hooked up with a carpool to an acda workshop while writing this blog post.

I've been watching a crazy amount of Parks & Rec lately. I am channeling my inner Chris Treager. I am lit'rally getting so much done today. 

Also, I ate kale today... 


I'm better than lit'rally everyone I know.

I         think        it's         working.......


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