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When Life Happens?

I've been subbing every day since Tuesday this week and my whole exercise regimen is about shot. I haven't gone running or used the elliptical. I think the steam has almost seeped out of my drive to keep up my running. I did finally go Monday, but it was the most half-assed attempt yet. I forgot my inhaler, my hands were freezing, I didn't have a pocket or an armband for my ipod, and I really just didn't want to go.

This is the mental debate I'm having about my exercise:

Pro - I like how I look in my clothes right now, even if most of my limited pants don't fit anymore.
Pro - I haven't "felt" fat in a long time. I still want to get down in size, but I don't self-loathe.

Con - I haven't lost a single pound.
Con - I come up with every excuse I can think of not to go run which is a sign that I really don't enjoy it.

Pro - Even if I'm not seeing changes, I feel better in general. I feel like I have energy and a sense of well being because I haven't been inactive in my attempts to improve my health.

Con - When I do get my butt out onto a running path, the whole time I'm running I try to come up with any excuse I can to walk through my run intervals and to end my workout early. I'm not improving or pushing myself.

Pro - I'm getting outside more which I always feel bad about not doing.
Pro - I'm not spending money by walking around a Target (my alternative exercise routine)
Pro - I'm not eating if I'm out running.

Overall, running is never a bad idea. It's the most beneficial exercise I can do. I'm happy with myself as long as I keep doing it, the problem is that it's really hard to want to keep doing it. I suppose this is probably a typical attitude of overweight people. "I'll work until I get the results I want, and then when they start to happen, I don't have to work anymore right?" Wrong. Thus the lifestyle change. Running has to be a part of who I am and a part of my life. When people think of me, the must think "runner". This is harder than I thought.


  1. Hey,

    So it's been a while since I have even talked to you, but I've been reading your blog. I think you should definitely try the Bodybugg program (I dunno if you have heard of it, but you can go to It's awesome (aside from the start up cost). I have been easily losing a pound a week. Easily.

    Anyway, keep it up!

  2. Does it have to be running? Running over a long period of time is hard on your body. Knees, joints, etc take a real beating when you run a lot. I had a roommate in college that was a runner and she was also constantly spending a fortune on shoes.

    I guess my experience is that you have to have support. You can't rely on yourself to exercise. My most successful weight loss experiences have been when I have taken an exercise class (kick boxing with a friend) or had a consistent walking routine with a friend. Right now I walk once a week with Brian, every Wednesday morning. And I do the elliptical every day for 20 minutes. Because it's a short amount of time I am more likely to stick with it...and I have stuck with it now for about 3 mths.

    You can do this Beth, you just can't do it alone.


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