Monday, March 8, 2010

Carpe Diem

Seize the day. Or so I planned. The problem is that I get up and instead of getting dressed and getting my butt out the door, I start coming up with things I can do instead. I've lost my zeal for running. I was so excited to get the green light to start again too! It's been four days since my last attempt at week 2. Part of the gap is due to the incredible amount of stuff I've been having to do. I've been going non-stop since Thursday with rehearsals, voice students, subbing, festivals, birthdays, and all the driving time in between (not to mention the fast food). It felt like when I was in school again. This is not a good thing.

Normally I would have been looking forward to this morning because it's the first in several days that I've had time to go run. It's cool and crisp and sunny outside. It's begging me to don the running shoes and listen to the voice of Robert Ullrey tell me that I'm doing great and I'm halfway through my running intervals. What do I do instead? I stay in my bed and read. Then I get up and cook a fancy breakfast of fried potatoes, onions and red peppers. I was hoping that confessing these transgressions would force me to stop being lazy. My run is still up in the air for the day though. It could still happen or not happen.

In other exercise news, Paul and I have begun negotiations for me to get a bike. This would be awesome because then we could spend beautiful weekend days riding trails together. It would mean so much to me to have something we could do together actively rather than watching movies and eating. These seem to be our primary marital activities. I'd like to improve that.

I've been doing pretty well with the veggie thing. I didn't cheat at all last week! Well, besides the chicken broth in my broccoli soup, but I'm not a true veggie so I'll give myself this victory.  I've been dabbling with the idea of changing my meat days. Right now it's not so bad if I can have cheese to balance my protein cravings, but the whole point of this is to be healthier and substituting cheese for some fish or chicken doesn't seem like a good trade. And boy was I craving red meat this week! So I'm thinking of perhaps moving my meat days to the beginning of the week and the Wednesdays and Sundays. I think this may help take some of the edge off without having to boost my hormone levels with mass amounts of soy products when all I need is a good sushi fix. If I could harness enough self-control I could even limit my two days to the days when I have the hardest cravings. But I'm bad at having loose parameters and I know my eating will soon be on track with my running. Which will bring me right back to where I started in November.

Now that I've got that notion in my head...I'm off to enjoy the perfect running weather!

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