Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waiting for Results

Got this article in my facebook feed today. Thought it was really good. I enjoyed reading it after a run this morning and a lunch of peanut butter and celery, carrots with hummus, and brown rice with green beans and peas. I eat food in pairs. The problem is that I ate a really great healthy lunch, and then I polished off half a tub of coconut ice cream. There are worse things I suppose.

My run wasn't half bad. I ran three intervals. The route I went today had no sidewalks so it was a bit tricky bouncing around to keep my footing. I think I hate the insoles I bought. My feet started aching as soon as I did the warm-up walk. I'm going to go back to the regular ones on my next run and see if there's any improvement. I had shooting pain in my tailbone and could  barely make it home it hurt so bad. Luckily I had an appointment with my chiropractor right after so he was able to see the effects of my running right away and remedy them. He encouraged me to keep running and he'd keep making adjustments. It seems weird to me to cause damage that needs to be fixed all the time, but I'm glad I get to run again.

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