Thursday, January 26, 2012

Changing it up

I listen to a pretty fair amount of talk radio. There's an ad that plays pretty frequently about amberin, which is a hormone medication for menopause. This isn't really relevant to me, but it makes mention of how having a hormonal imbalance can make weight loss nearly impossible.

I was thinking about this and how I've tried nearly everything I can think of with dieting and I've come to a conclusion. I'm just not going to lose my baby weight as long as I'm breastfeeding. Throwing money at the problem (aka weight watchers) isn't going to solve it either. What I can do is exercise. If I exercise now, at least when Charlotte's weened I'll be in good shape and losing weight won't be difficult (I hope!).

So I'm going to cancel weight watchers, stick to my mostly vegetarian/sugar free/whole grain diet and join 24 hour. Now I just need to come up with a workout schedule around available childcare!

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