Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yet another Challenge!

Okay, I've been avoiding this post all day which tells me I'm being naughty. I need to be walking. I only get to be pregnant right now and it will be over in 6 months and I will say "I wish I had walked when I was pregnant because I would be in better shape now" So I have decided to issue another challenge. It's the walk every day for a 20 minute minimum challenge!

I feel like I'm starting to lose some of my muscle tone from dragon boating. I really miss dragon boating. I wish it could be and indoor and outdoor sport so that I wouldn't be putting myself at risk for pneumonia. I suppose the ligament strain probably isn't great either. But I still miss it. And I miss my team! If you're reading this team, I miss you and I miss paddling with you and  I miss drinking beer with you!

I've been reading about how you eat affects your baby. Basically you should eat stuff so your baby isn't allergic to it (nuts, dairy, gluten), you should eat less stuff so they don't want to eat it (salt, sugar, fat), and there are things to eat and avoid eating to control some of the symptoms of pregnancy. Today I fail. I had really buttery fatty biscuits and gravy at Pine State Biscuits for brunch and Taco Bell for dinner. I guess I've only had two meals though so perhaps it balances out? I need to do better, but that's another challenge for another day!

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