Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Structure is Good

I'm on a blog kick today. Sorry if I'm annoying.
For those that didn't see it on my baby blog, I was told by my midwives today that I should be getting 80 grams of protein a day. When I was counting calories, SparkPeople suggested I get 60-127 grams of protein per day. Most days I struggled just to get to 60. So when I was given this task I had a hard time believing I could really succeed with it.

I've always been a good student. Whenever I've been given an assignment I work at it and deliver to the best of my ability. That said, it helps when someone gives me a structured task to do. I guess over the course of the day in trying to figure out my meals I realized that even though eating isn't exactly a research paper, I still treat it like my homework.

So today I had a piece of baked salmon for lunch. Being lazy like I am, I didn't bother making a "meal" out of this. I just ate some dried mango and pecans a few minutes later. Dinner was a spoonful of homemade baked mac & cheese and three chicken tenders that I fried in a skillet.

I think as long as I make sure I have a protein with every meal and worry about what else I'll eat later I should be okay. It's when I think of meals as a whole that I just shut down and end up either not eating or getting fast food. So this is good. I can handle one course 3 times a day at least!

On the walking front, I fail my challenge. I did four hours of shopping with my sister Sunday and I decided that counted, but today and yeseterday I just fail. I could make it up for today, but I'm really that lame. Oh well. One thing at a time I guess. Today protein. Next walking.

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